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Corona Beer Virus

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Your Free Commercial Loan Software (We Had a Bug) and a Scary War Update

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Pictures For Your Commercial Loan Package

Commercial Loan Origination Software - No Cost If You Use C-Loans

Winds of War Part II - Missiles, Missiles Everywhere

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Elon Musk and Space X Could Be Our Savior From World War III

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Gold is a Hedge Against Deflation, Not Inflation

The Winds of War - Is a War With China and Russia Brewing?

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Convince a Bank to Join C-Loans and Share in Our Fee Three Times

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Commercial Loans and Clearing Gangsters Out of Apartments

Commercial Loans and the First Hints of a Main Street Recession

Commercial Loans and Wire Fraud

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What's the Difference Between a Mixed-Use Property and a Mixed-Commercial Property?

Commercial Loans, Exit Fees, and the Coupon Rate

Commercial Loans and Asset-Backed Securities

Airballs, Exiting, and Some Surprising Uses of SBA Loans

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Commercial Loans and The War of the Worlds

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Could You Find Me 20 Bankers Making Commercial Loans?  I'll Teach You a Profession.

What Types of Lenders Are Making Commercial Loans?  Part 1

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Large Commercial Construction Loans Are Often Syndicated

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Pretty Cool Syndicate That I Am Assembling

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Attention Developers, We Want to Invest Equity in Your Commercial Construction Deal

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Commercial Loans, Gray Rhinos, Black Swans, and the Cause of the Next Recession

Private Money Commercial Construction Loans

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Freshly Updated List of 2,500 Commercial Lenders

Never Try To Be a Commercial Loan Wholesaler

Commercial Loan Rates - Know Them Every Day - Exactly - Without Calling Anyone

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Commercial Loans and Some Fun Stuff on Boxing Day

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Help, George, I'm Struggling as a Commercial Loan Broker!

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Is China's Authoritarian Capitalism Better Than Liberal Democracy?

Receive Commercial Loan Leads From CMDC For Just $1,000 Per Year

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Self-Directed IRA Custodians for Trust Deed Investments

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Commercial Loans and Some IRA Pitfalls

SBA Loans on Assisted Living Facilities

Commercial Loans and Slapping China Around Financially

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Getting Comfortable With the Debt Service Coverage Ratio

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Commercial Loans and a Great Marketing Tip For Everyone

How To Package a Commercial Loan Application

Commercial Loans and the Seeds of the Next Great Recession

Commercial Loans and the Trade War With China

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Commercial Loans and Reserves For Vacancy and Collection Loss

Commercial Loans and Rate Locks

How To Get the Largest Possible Commercial Loan

Five Commercial Loan Ratios

Commercial Loan Licensing Scheme

Commercial Construction Loans and Raising Equity

Commercial Loan Terms - Open, L-Plus, Sized, TI's, and LC's

What is a Fusion Deal?  What Does Pari Passu Mean?  What is an A/B Note?

Commercial Loans, Bankruptcy, and the Stalking Horse Bid

Free Underwriting Manual, Free Fee Agreement or Free Marketing Course - Pick TWO!

What is a Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreement?

Commercial Loans and Holding Title as a Limited Liability Company

The SBA 7a Program Versus the USDA Business and Industry Loan Program

How To Sell Commercial Loans in the Midwest

Commercial Loans, Trades, and a Bazillion Bankers

Commercial Loans and Effective Gross Income

Commercial Loans and Effective Rents

Commercial Loan Brokers: You Should Be Desperate To Buy Our Leads

Commercial Loans and Franchise Financing

Commercial Loans and the Old Syndication Industry

Commercial Loans - Conditional Use Permits and Variances

Commercial Loans - Conforming Property and Non-Conforming Property

Commercial Loans and TIC Roll-Ups

Preferred Equity and Commercial Second Mortgage Lenders Do Exist

Commercial Second Mortgages and the New-Money-to-Old-Money Ratio

Why Banks Dislike Commercial Real Estate Investors

Commercial Loan Lesson:  Charm the Socks Off the Receptionist

Low Cap Rates and Commercial Loans on Small Apartment Buildings

Commercial Loans Should Close Easily.  If Not, Move On to Another Lender.

Fix and Flip Loans and How To Find a House To Flip

Blackburne Family Christmas Letter (Kinda Funny)

Commercial Loans and Trust Companies

Fix and Flip Loans and Buy To Rent Loans

Commercial Loans and Adaptive Re-Use

Fix and Flip Loans and the After Repair Value

Fix and Flip Loans and the Minimum Skin in the Game

Fix and Flip Loans Are All the Rage

Every SBA Lender is Different

Awesome Smartphone App That is Totally Unrelated To Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans and an Interesting Email Trick

Commercial Loans and Debtor-in-Possession (DIP) Financing

Commercial Loans and Commercial Brokers

New Problems Making Commercial Loans on Cannabis Properties

Commercial Loans and Fractional Ownership

Commercial Loans and How To Meet Bankers

Commercial Loans and Experience-Based Retail

Commercial Loans From Banks Are All About the Same

Commercial Loans on Partially-Vacant Buildings

Commercial Loans and the After-Acquired Title Doctrine

Commercial Loans, Salesmanship, and Inertia

Commercial Loans Are Moot If North Korea Wins the War

Commercial Loan Resets

Commercial Loans and Core Assets

Commercial Loan Freebies From C-Loans

Commercial Loan Hypothecations

Commercial Loan With an Increasing Exit Fee

Commercial Mortgage Referral Fees

Commercial Loans and Probable Maximum Loss

Commercial Real Estate Poised for a Comeback?

Multifamily Loans and Tuck Under Parking

Underwriting Commercial Construction Loans

Commercial Loans, Cannabis, and Civil War

Commercial Loan Stifled By a Lis Pendens

What Is Creative Office Space?

What Is a FHA 221(d)(4) Loan?

What Is a HVCRE Loan?

Why Mortgage Funds Fail

Feedback From the Crittenden Conference

Financing of Land Leases

Commercial Construction Loans That Are Dead on Arrival - Napkin Test

Difference Between an Investment Bank and a Commercial Bank

Your Commercial Loan Needs More Sizzle!

The Commercial Loan Executive Summary

How To Package a Mezzanine Loan, Preferred Equity, or JV Request

Understanding Venture Equity

Commercial Lenders Who Do Not Require Income Verification

We Just Added an "Ask George a Commercial Loan Question" Feature to

C-Loans Adds a New Tombstone Feature

Does the TILA-RESPA Rule Apply to Commercial Loans?  You'll Be Surprised.

Ugliest Property Pictures in the History of the Commercial Loan Business

Can I Lock My Rate On a Commercial Loan?

Commercial Loans and the Gross Rent Multiplier

How To Quote a Commercial Loan

Banks Make Commercial Loans on These Properties

Commercial Loans, Rental Rolls, and Schedules of Leases

How To Screen Large Commercial Loans

Referral Fees on Commercial Loans

Back From the Big Commercial Loan Conference

Huge Development in Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities

Peer-to-Peer Lending, Crowd-Funding, and Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans and Brokers of Record

Commercial Loans and Dialing For Dollars

Commercial Loan Advertising

Commercial Loans and Helicopter Money

Sizing a Commercial Loan

Every Commercial Loan Package Needs Pretty Pictures

Co-Op Marketing For Commercial Loans

Glossary of Commercial Loan Terms in Plain English!

European Corporations Getting Paid To Take a Commercial Loan

How Commercial Construction Loans Are Underwritten

Commercial Loans and Second Mortgages

Getting Your Commercial Loan Documented, Approved, and Off the Street

Mezzanine Loans, Preferred Equity, and Venture Equity - Part II

Commercial Loans, Mezzanine Loans, Preferred Equity, and Venture Equity

The Spanish-American War ... and Why You Should Care

Commercial Loans and the Race to the Courthouse

Ten Ways To Market For Commercial Loans (or Tenants) On the Cheap

Naming a Commercial Loan For Success

Commercial Loans and Referral Fees From Out of the Blue

Upcoming Commercial Loan Conference

Free SBA Commercial Loan Applications

Repricing of Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans, Primary Locations, and Secondary Locations

Commercial Loans on Broken Condo's

New Commercial Mortgage Rates Website

Commercial Loans and the Lessons From April

Three or Four Lenders Will Close 75% of Your Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans and Intentionally Stupid Servicing Departments

Commercial Loans and the Size of the Bank

Commercial Loans in Bankruptcy

Commercial Loans and Money Center Banks

The Problem With Securitized Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans and a Primer on Trusts

Land Loans and How To Find The Best One

Commercial Construction Lenders Require Equity From the Developer

Commercial Loans and Single Asset, Bankruptcy Remote Entities

Life Insurance Company Correspondents

Debt Yield Ratio in Commercial Real Estate Finance

Commercial Loans From Life Insurance Companies

Loans on Gentlemen's Clubs and Politically Incorrect Properties

Industrial Real Estate is the Hottest Commercial Property Type

Joint Ventures - A Primer

Hypothecations - What They Are and How to Apply

Types of Commercial Loans

The Gold-To-Silver Ratio and the History of Finance

What is a Merchant Bank?

Easy Way To Earn Huge Referral Fees As You Sleep

Brokering Business Loans - As Opposed To Commercial Real Estate Loans

What Is a Standby Takeout Commitment?

How To Close a Commercial Construction Loan

Commercial Loans and Credit Rationing

Blanket Commercial Loans To Create a Downpayment

Subprime Commercial Loans Versus Nonprime Commercial Loans

Where Does Subprime Commercial Loan Money Come From?

The Subprime Commercial Lenders Are Back Making Nonprime Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans and Fire Insurance

Commercial Loans and Rising Interest Rates For the Next 30 Years

Commercial Loan Calculator

Commercial Loans and SBA Loans To Buy a Business

Commercial Loans and the Importance of Speed

Commercial Loans and the Definition of a Gateway City

Commercial Loans, Wealthy Investors, and the JOBS Act

Commercial Loans and Winning Through Intimidation

Commercial Loans, Cap Rates and Ghetto Properties

Commercial Loan Demand is Seasonal

Commercial Loans and One-Point Bridge Loans

Commercial Loans and How To Spot a No-Go Construction Loan

Commercial Loans and Underwriting Commercial Construction Loans

Commercial Loans and Tips on Preparing Pro Forma's

Lots of Little Commercial Loan Lessons

More Fancy Commercial Loan Business Terms

Get Paid To Bring Bank Commercial Loan Officers to

Commercial Loans and the Importance of Relationships

More Lessons From the Big Commercial Loan Conference

News From the Big Commercial Loan Conference

Commercial Loans and Negative Interest Rates

Issues with Making Commercial Loans on Mobile Home Parks

Structuring Commercial Renovation Loans

Commercial Loans, Deflation, and Negative Interest Rates

Track Commercial Loan Rates Instantly and At Every Moment

Why You Can't Trust Banks To Approve Commercial Loans

Content For Your Commercial Loan or Realty Newsletters

Commercial Financing, Cap Rates, and Valuations

Veteran Commercial Lender (Not Me!) Shares Some Wisdom

Commercial Loans on Industrial Real Estate Gone Wild

Wanna Close a Commercial Loan? Better Have a Picture or a Rendering!

The Best Commercial Loan Closer on Earth

How The Pro's Are Now Marketing Commercial Property and Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans and Commercial Loan Financing Scams

Commercial Loans and Dressing for Success

Underwriting Commercial Construction Loans

Non-Recourse Commercial Loans From Blackburne & Sons

Commercial Loans and Burn-Off's

Commercial Loans, Mezzanine Loans, and Senior Stretch Financing

Commercial Loans and Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Open-Ended Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans on Land, Out-Parcels, and Pads

Marketing For Commercial Loans When the Market is Flooded

Purchase Money Commercial Loans Are Safer

Commercial Loans and Lease Options to Buy

Commercial Loan Lessons #2 - Meeting the Wealthy

C-Loans Closes $18.5MM Construction Loan on a Mixed Use Project

Difference Between a Commercial Mortgage Loan and a Deed of Trust

Commercial Loans, Higher Rents, and the Return of Commercial Investors

Commercial Loan Lessons #1 - Land Loans, Crashes, and Con Men

Commercial Loans on Restaurants

Commercial Loans, Marketing Leverage, and Meeting Wealthy Investors

Commercial Loans and Properties on a Hill

Commercial Loans That Cash Flow Too Well

Close More Commercial Loans Using a List of 2,000 Commercial Lenders

Much-Lower-Rate Commercial Loans From Blackburne & Sons

How to Get a Commercial Loan on a Low-Cap-Rate Commercial Property

Commercial Loans on Politically Incorrect Properties

Blanket Commercial Loans

Discounted Commercial Loans - How To Document Them

Commercial Loans and Underwriting Discounted Notes

Commercial Loans Not Secured By Real Estate

Purchase Money Commercial Loans Are Still Hard To Get

Underwriting Special Use Commercial Loans

Preferred Equity Can Save Investors and Commercial Loan Brokers

10 Smart Commercial Loan Tips

Save Your Commercial Loans Using Preferred Equity

Commercial Loans and the Newsletter Effect

Commercial Loan Earnouts

Commercial Loan Marketing - Why Lists Are Best

Blackburne & Sons Introduces a Great New Apartment Loan Program

History of Commercial Loans - Part II

Special Commercial Loan Marketing Technique - Offer Multiple Products

History of Commercial Loans Part I

C-Loans Introduces a New Commercial Loan - A One-Point Bridge Loan

Brokering Commercial Loans in California

Some More Commercial Real Estate Finance Lingo and Jargon

Preferred Equity Is the Future of Commercial Mortgage Finance

Commercial Loans and Some Oddities About Cap Rates

Gross Rent Multiplier in Apartment Loan Underwriting

Reading a Commercial Loan Appraisal

Commercial Loans and Valuing a Commercial Property Using a Cap Rate

Commercial Loans, Cap Rates, and Commercial Loan Constants

Income Property Loan Officers Need To Be Advocates Like Attorneys

SBA Loans Put on Hold By Government Shutdown

Commercial Loans and Credit Companies

Commercial Loan News From the Latest CREF Conference

Cap Rates and Commercial Loans II

Caps Rates and Your Commercial Loan I

Foreclosing on a Blanket Commercial Loan

Commercial Loans on Legal, Non-Conforming Properties

Commercial Second Mortgages X - Waterfalls and How Equity Gets Paid

Commercial Loans, Equity, and Pass-Through Trusts - Second's IX

Equity in Commercial Mortgage Finance - Commercial Second's VIII

Commercial Second Mortgages VI and Preferred Equity

Structured Finance and Commercial Loans

New-Money-to-Old-Money Ratio for Commercial Loans

Commercial Second Mortgage Loans Are Rare - Part III - Mezzanine Loans Are Rare Too

Why Commercial Second Mortgages Are So Rare - Part II - Due-On-Encumbrance Clauses

Why Commercial Second Mortgages Are So Rare - Part I

How Water Liens Can Affect Commercial Loans

Equity for Commercial Real Estate - Not Commercial Loans - Equity!

Commercial Loans and Newsletters

EB-5 Commercial Loans and the EB-5 Program

New Unsecured Business Loan Program

Loan-to-Cost Ratio and Commercial Loans During Economic Upheaval

Loan-to-Cost Ratio in Renovation and Fix-and-Flip Commercial Loans

Loan-to-Cost Ratio and Commercial Construction Loans

Total Cost and Commercial Construction Loans

Land Cost in Commercial Construction Loan Underwriting

Licensing for Commercial Loan Brokers

Tips on Writing a Commercial Loan Newsletter

Give Your Dog and Your Commercial Loan a Good Name

Timid Bankers Get Slaughtered in Commercial Real Estate Finance

How Bankruptcy Affects Commercial Loans - Scary Stuff

Commercial Mortgage Activity Seems To Be Picking Up

Marketing Your Commercial Mortgage Website

Commercial Loans and Promotable Preferred Equity

Commercial Mortgage Marketing Tip From George's Son, George IV

Quick Review of Commercial Loan Terminology

Partial Release Clauses in Commercial Mortgage Lending

Considering Global Income in Commercial Mortgage Finance

When Can a Bridge Lender Make a Commercial Construction Loan?

Reasonable Loan Fees in Commercial Mortgage Brokerage

Commercial Loan Closings and Tombstones

Marketing for Commercial Loans

Commercial Loan Gossip, History, and New Developments

The Commercial Loan Shipwreck That Never Materialized

Commercial Loans and Asset-Backed Securities

Commercial Loans, Bad Boy Acts, and Carve-Outs

Commercial Loans, IRA's, and the Personal Guaranty Issue

Now is the Safest Time to Make Commercial Loans in a Decade

How to Nurture Commercial Loan Leads

Get Ready for Commercial Mortgage Mania

George to Teach New Commercial Loan Brokerage PRACTICE Course

Fish For Commercial Loans When the Fish Are Schooling

The Most Hilarious Commercial Loan Advertisement EVER!

Using a Deposit Relationship to Obtain a Commercial Loan

How to Fix Your Commercial Loan Business If You're Not Making Money

Good Commercial Loan Brokers Issue Very Specific Loan Quotes

Commercial Loan Brokers Should Never Talk About T and A

The Pooh-Pooh Soup Story for Commercial Loan Brokers

What Commercial Loan Documents You Will Need ... and When

Requesting Commercial Loan Documents

Become the Doctor No of Commercial Mortgage Finance

New Commercial Mortgage Brokers Should Keep Their Day Job

Never Try to Be a Commercial Mortgage Wholesaler

Finding Commercial Lenders Using the FDIC's Website

Match the Size of Your Commercial Loan to the Size of the Bank

Commercial Mortgage Leads That Are Worth Far Less Than Nothing

Finding Commercial Lenders Using Yahoo Maps

Finding Commercial Lenders Using

Commercial Loans and Why Daisy Chains Never Close

Example of a Commercial Loan That Will Never Close

Commercial Mortgage Brokers Should Fire All of Their Employees

Commercial Mortgage Brokers Do NOT Need a Fancy Office

When to Ask Your Commercial Mortgage Borrower to Sign Your Fee Agreement

Fee Agreements and Commercial Mortgage Loans

Build Your Commercial Loan Business By Touching Wealthy Investors

How to Spot a Commercial Loan Commission

The Most Important Lesson in All of Commercial Real Estate Finance

The Funny Language That We Commercial Loan Guys Use

Take Your Commercial Loan to a Different Loan Officer

Seven Ways to Spot a Hot Commercial Loan Officer

The Importance of Calling to Confirm Receipt of Your Commercial Loan Package

Commercial Loans and Inspecting Commercial Properties That Are Too Far Away

Commercial Loans: SBA Loans Versus USDA Business and Industry Loans

What Kinds of Lenders Are Making Commercial Loans Today?

Commercial Loans on Co-Ops

Getting a Commercial Loan - It's All About the Picture!

Hard Money Farm Land Loans From Blackburne & Sons

Is Your Borrower ELIGIBLE To Get a Commercial Loan From a Credit Union?

Need a Commercial Loan? Don't Forget About Credit Unions!

Residential Realtors Are a Great Source for Commercial Loans

Operating Expense Ratio II - What Ratio's Will Commercial Lenders Believe?

Operating Expense Ratio I

Marketing for Commercial Real Estate Loans - $199

Commercial Loans - Why You Need to Stay Local

Commercial Loans and the Sacrificial Virgins Theory

When Do Large Commercial Loans Actually Close?

Commercial Loan Closing Tricks

How Much Time Should a Commercial Loan Broker Devote to Marketing?

Why Small Commercial Loans Are So Much Easier to Close

How to Spot Commercial Loan Fraud

Construction Loans to Finish Partially Completed Construction

25 Best Cities for Commercial Loans - Texas is Thriving!

Mortgage Brokers Can Buy Commercial Leads From C-Loans

Inside Secrets to Earning Huge Referral Fees for Commercial Loans

Referral Fees for Commercial Loans

Mortgage Brokers Should Stick to Small Commercial Loans

Commercial Mortgage News

International Commercial Mortgage Loans (Almost) Never Close

Most Commercial Lenders Forbid Second Mortgages

Equity for Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Financing in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Marketing Leverage - Multiply Your Commercial Lending by 400

Advertising to the Public for Commercial Loans Doesn't Work

Solicit Commercial Real Estate Brokers For Commercial Loans

Banks Prefer to Make Commercial Loans Close to Home

Commercial Real Estate Loan Expert for Hire - Cool Story!

Commercial Loan Origination is a Race

Commercial Mortgage Brokers on Crack

What is a Correspondent (Commercial Mortgage) Lender?

10 Commercial Mortgage Broker Survival Tips

Commercial Financing Tools on the Internet

Commercial Lending During the Second Great Depression

20 Best Commercial Lending Markets

Forbearance Agreements to Cut Off Lawsuits

A More Merciful Hard Money Loan

Participation Mortgages, Income Kickers and Equity Kickers

Why Commercial Construction Loans Are So Difficult to Get

Meet George in Las Vegas - Become a Hard Money Lender

Commercial Loans and the "Silent Second Mortgage"

Second Mortgages Behind Your First Mortgage Investment

(Almost) No One Ever Bids at Forclosure Sales

First Trust Deed Investments in Primary Markets

Purchase Money First Trust Deed Investments May Be Less Risky

Is This a Good Time to Invest to Commercial First Trust Deeds?

Fusion Deals, A/B Notes and Pari Passu

The Top 40% Rule and How to Choose Your First Trust Deed Investments

The Pricing of Mezzanine Loans

Understanding Mezzanine Loans

Commercial Real Estate Has NOT Appreciated. It's Just Separating.

Commercial Foreclosures and Clearing the Market

Inspecting Commercial Properties Using the Street View Feature in Google Maps

Find Commercial Lenders Using the Pitreadie Digest

Imbedding a Satellite Map in Your Commercial Loan Application

Most of Today's Empty Commercial Buildings Will Never Find Tenants

Leonard Rosen's National Hard Money Conference Was Worth Every Dime

Commercial Mortgage Finance - What Going On in the Market

What on Earth is a Mezzanine Loan? What is Preferred Equity?

Foreclosure Loans, REO Loans, and Lines of Credit to Buy REO's

Commercial Loan Con Men and Appraisal Fees

I Will Be a Panelist at the Upcoming Pitbull Mortgage School Seminar

Do Hedge Funds Really Make Commercial Loans?

Commercial Loans That Are Actually Closing

Buy a List of Hungry Commercial Lenders in Your State

Banks Are Discounting Commercial Loans to Get Them Off the Books

Commercial Loans on Weird Properties

Why CMBS Loans Are Only Being Made in Primary Markets

Hard Money Commercial Loans and Family Offices

Commercial Loans and Additional Collateral

Land Leases and Merger of Interests

Big Apartment Construction Loan Just Closed

Multifamily Loans and Tuck Under Parking

Commercial Real Estate Poised for a Comeback?

Commercial Real Estate Loans Are The Kiss of Death for Banks

Hard Money Agricultural Loans

Debt Yield Ratio

Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities 2.0

Preparing for Commercial Debt Maturities

Future of Commercial Lending

Industrial Revenue Bonds

NPN, DPO, and White Box Finish

UCC Foreclosure of a Huge Mezzanine Loan

Commercial Loan Packaging

Commercial Construction Loans and the Interest Reserve

Negotiating with Commercial Mortgage Loan Officers

Commercial Real Estate Loan Portfolios Are Shrinking as U.S. Commercial Mortgage Universe Shrinks Again to $3.31 Trillion

SBA to Guarantee 504 First Mortgages

Non-Recourse Commercial Loans

Commercial Lenders Are Dwindling

Commercial Financing with a Credit Tenant Lease (CTL Financing)

USDA Commercial Loans and Mixed Use Properties

USDA B&I Loan Rates and Terms

USDA B&I Loans Commercial Property Eligibility

More on USDA Business and Industries Loans (B&I Loans)

Recovery Zone Facility Bonds

Business and Industries Loans (B&I Loans) from the USDA

Commercial REO Sales and the Stalking Horse Bid

Commercial Mortgage Fee Agreements

Commercial Loan Brokers Are Starving

Commercial Lines of Credit from Hard Money Brokers

Fabulous Article About How to Present a Bridge Loan

Commercial Financing Frozen Solid

Purchase Money Commercial Loans

Farm Land Loans and Cropland Loans from Blackburne & Sons

Partial Release Clauses on Commercial Loans

Commercial Financing for Large Projects

Commercial Lenders Are Finally Calling Their Commercial Loans

One Hundred Submissions to Close a Single Commercial Loan

Hypothecation of a Commmercial Loan Receivable

Valuing Apartment Buildings

Dismal State of Commercial Loans and Commercial Lenders

Commercial Real Estate Values Falling Sharply

Foreclosures and Junior Liens

Actively Looking for Discounted Commercial First Mortgage Notes

Commercial Financing and Estoppel Agreements

Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreements

Free Software to Make Commercial Loan Packages

Housing Meltdown is Only Half Over

Financing Broken Condo's

Hard Money Commercial Loans Are Getting Smaller

Commercial Real Estate is Valued Using Cap Rates

Business Equipment for Commercial Loan Brokers

SBA Loan Gossip

Debtor in Possession Financing

Wraparound Loans in Commercial Mortgage Finance

Just How Bad Were These Subprime Home Loans?

Why the Banks Aren't Making Many Commercial Loans

Gas Station Loans

SBA Loans During This Great Recession

Commercial Loans and Subchapter S Corporations

Marketing the Large Commercial Property

Commercial Second Mortgages

Commercial Loans and Credit Unions

How to Get Commercial Loan Packages in the Door

Submit Your Commercial Loans Using PDF's

Use Demographics to Check Out Your Commercial Loan Applications Early

Best and Worst Cities for Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Financing on Environmental Subdivisions

SBA 7(a) Commercial Loans

Call on Local Banks for Their Commercial Loan Turndowns

SBA 504 Commercial Loans (Non-Construction)

SBA 504 Construction Loans

Commercial Real Estate Lenders Are Disappearing

Large Land Loans Are Almost Impossible Today

Marketing Leverage for Commercial Real Estate Loans

Commercial Financing in a Recession

Commercial Real Estate Loans and Lehman Brothers

Tips for Starving Commercial Mortgage Brokers

Commercial Loan Fraud and Advance Fee Scams

Rich Pickings for Trust Deed Investors

Commercial Real Estate During the Current Depression

The Death of Real Estate Investing

Commercial Lenders Aren't Making Many Residential Subdivision Construction Loans