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Iran Got Walloped.  Let's Celebrate!

The Interest Rate Was Too Low - You Should Have Known

Advance Fee Scammer Pummeled Into a Bloody Mess

When Einstein Spoke of God, He Mentioned Spinoza.  Who?

Did Einstein Believe in God?

What Happened to New York Community Bank?

The Very Scary Bear Case For Multifamily and Apartment Loans

Mad Cow Disease in Humans

What is the SOFR?

What is a NAV Loan?

Deflation in China Could Crush Your Stocks

43rd Annual Christmas Letter - Another Great Migration Period is Coming

Frightened Investors No Longer Fleeing to Treasuries, Loan Constants

Commercial Real Estate Brokers - Don't Get Commission-dectomied

Vanilla Shell, Cash-Out, Contracts of Sale, and Commercial Loans

Fun Stuff Plus a Commercial Loan Lesson

Fun and Interesting Bullet Points

Give Me an Accredited Investor - I'll Train You In Commercial Finance

I Just Tried Using AI.  It Was Awesome... and Terrifying

Please Mr. Putin, Don't Go

Will the Last Bank Making Commercial Loans Please Turn Out the Lights?

George is Retarded Zoom Beer Party This Wednesday Night at 7:00 ET

George's "I Am Retarded" Zoom Party is Coming Soon - Hooray!

This Banking Crisis is a Bigger Deal Than I Thought

Well, Poop, This is Not What We Wanted

Time to Call BS on Emperor Putin

Sideways Stock Market II - You Don't Need the First Half

The Miracle of Fractional Banking

2023 Will Be a Banner Year - 4% Growth

Just Fun Stuff Today

Can China Invade Taiwan This April If Everyone is Sick?

Commercial Loans, Fun Stuff, and Where on Earth is Ephesis?

The Appeasement of Adolph Hitler and China's Xi Jinping

I'm a Perma Bear But a Recession in 2023 is NOT Guaranteed

How to Qualify For a Commercial Line of Credit - We Don't Offer Them

Just Fun and Interesting Stuff Today

When Money Becomes Worthless and Commercial Loans

Commercial Lines of Credit and America Needs People II

America Needs People

The Great Inflation is the Recession

How the Romans Lost Their Republic

A Chinese Jet Accidentally Downs Pelosi's Jet.  Who Wins the War?

Get an SBA Loan to Buy a Business Without Real Estate

Interesting and Fun Tidbits

Reports That World War III Has Been Canceled Were Greatly Exaggerated

Debt Service Coverage Ratio Conventions

Soft Landings and Other Fantasies

Putin's Invasion May Prevent World War III

World Trade is Breaking Down.  I'm Terrified.

Ten Short Commercial Loan Training Points

Super Bowl Fun and Some Commercial Loan Stuff

Banks Can Be Fickle When Making Commercial Loans - a Workaround.

This Marketing Tip is For EVERYONE

Just Miscellaneous Fun Stuff Today

Do All Commercial Lenders Charge Application Fees?

Economics:  A Tidal Wave of Economic Poop May Be Coming From China

How Much Do Commercial Appraisals Cost?

How Much of a Downpayment Do I Need to Buy a Commercial Property?

Coming War With China:  The Exact Moment When China Will Invade Taiwan

Economics:  China Is Starting to Forbid Selling Your Apartment

Economics:  The Non-Peeing Section of the Pool

Economics:  This Evergrande Default Is Much Scarier Than Reports Say

Economics:  Is Weimar-Germany-Style Hyperinflation Coming?

Coming War With China:  Why China Will Soon Attack Us

Commercial Loans, Golf Courses, and Cap Rates

Valuing Commercial Properties Using a Cap Cate - Vet Clinic Example

Commercial Loans, Cap Rates, and the "Quality" of Income

Commercial Loans and the S&L Crisis

History:  Why Caesar Crossed the Rubicon and Why You Should Care

Video Lesson:  Commercial Loan Securitization and Tranches

Video Lesson:  Conduit Loans and Capital Improvements

Video Training Lesson: The Net-Worth-to-Loan-Size Ratio

Economics:  Bitcoins and the Next Real Estate Crash

Interior Corridors, Deadly Feasts, and Prions

Economics:  Bad Idea to Buy French Bonds in 1939 or US Bonds Today

You Can Skip This One - Just Fun Stuff

War With China:  Anxious to Play With Their Missiles, Jets, and Tanks?

Coming War With China - Is President Xi of China as Crazy as Hitler?

Cosmic Pillow Theory of Commercial Loans

Securing a Commercial Loan on a Liquor License

Commercial Loan Tidbits

Commercial Loans From Banks Rather Than Savings Banks

Economics - A Bullet Fired Into the Sky Eventually Floats

Commercial Loans, Marketing, and Legitimacy

How To Broker Commercial Loans

Coming War With China:  We're Spreading Our Fighters and Bombers Out

What Does a Cash-on-Cash Return Mean?

Debt Yields on CMBS Apartment Loans

Commercial Loan Rates Being Quoted By Banks Today

Facebook, Please Don't Become Evil.  You Folks Need to Re-Read 1984.

History:  Joseph Goebbels and the Nazi Propaganda Machine

Economics - The Race to Print Money is About to Start

Economics:  The Dollar Just Keeps Falling

Commercial Loans and Balance Sheet Lenders

Commercial Loans on Partially-Vacant Buildings

Blackburne Family Christmas Letter - The U.S . Has Just Three Christmases Left

The Tenant Health Ratio in Commercial Real Estate Lending

Commercial Loans and the Lease Hangout

Open Letter to Elon Musk - Help Us Survive the Chinese Surprise Attack

When Lenders Re-Trade a Commercial Loan

Economics - Disinflation is Dead.  Long Live Inflation!

SOFR - The New Commercial Loan Index That is Replacing LIBOR

Gold Could Soar From $1,870 Per Oz. to $50,000 Per Oz. in Just 6 Days

Why LIBOR is Being Replaced as an Index

Is Trump Going to Use the U.S. Army to Stay in Power?

Coming War With China:  Time to Start Building a Bomb Shelter?

Facebook Pages For Commercial Loan Companies Are Stupid, Aren't They?

Commercial Loan Training:  What is a Takeout Loan?

Commercial Loan Training:  What is a Mini-Perm?

Just Fun Today - Cute Golf Joke

Hotels Are Really Getting Slapped Around

Coming War With China:  An Economically-Battered China is Dangerous

How To Use Our Free Commercial Loan Software

Economics:  Goofy Stock Market Values

Coming War With China:  Could It Start This Month?

Coming War With China:  Our $13 Billion Aircraft Carriers Have a Reach Problem

Economics:  The Great Debasement and Old Copper Nose

MBA School Lesson:  The 10% Rule

Looking For an Expert Witness in a Commercial Real Estate Lending Case

Economics - Are Large U.S. Banks About to Collapse Due to CLO Losses

What is a CRE Collateralized Loan Obligation?  Why Should You Care?

Economics - Be Careful of This Spring Time Trap

Where Debt Funds Get Their Dough To Make Commercial Bridge Loans

Economics - When There's Blood in the Streets

Grab a Beer and Talk to Old George About Commercial Loans - No Cost

Commercial Loans and the Operating Expense Ratio

Economics:  Gold Prices Are Climbing Because DEFLATION is Coming

I Wouldn't Take Your Flipping Oil If You Paid Me

Call Banks For Their Commercial Loan Turndowns

Economics:  A Huge Deflationary Tidal Wave is Coming Out of the China in Just Six Weeks

New Construction Is Doomed as Banks Stop Making Commercial Construction Loans

New Commercial Loan Resource Center

Almost Every Commercial Lender in the Country is Now Out of the Market

How to Spot an Advance Fee Commercial Loan Scammer

Is the ABS Commercial Loan Market Drying Up?

Economics - Will the Coronavirus Crisis Be the End of Democratic Capitalism?

Exactly How To Get Commercial Loans in This Crisis

Commercial Lending During a Market Crash

Commercial Loans and Some Coronavirus Funnies

Update:  CMBS Hotel Lenders Are Out of the Commercial Loan Market

PIP Commercial Loans

Time to Rush To Get a Conduit Commercial Loan

Commercial Loans and Revolvers

Big Commercial Bridge Loans With Less Than Interest-Only Payments

Commercial Loans and Mark-to-Market Accounting

Light Commercial Bridge Loans Versus Heavy Commercial Bridge Loans

Commercial Loans and the Second Great Recession (Another One? Yikes!)

Commercial Loans and a Most Unusual Kind of Land Loan

Corona Beer Virus

Commercial Real Estate Brokers Please Pay Special Attention Today

Commercial Loans and Modern Monetary Theory

American Jets Are Out-Ranged By Chinese Missiles

Private Equity and a Shortage of Stocks

Commercial Loans on Build-to-Rent Communities

Your Free Commercial Loan Software (We Had a Bug) and a Scary War Update

How World War III Might Play Out

What is Programmatic Equity?

Booms Do Not Cause Recessions - Hooray!

Commercial Loans and the Meaning of "Last Dollar"

Are Referral Fees on Commercial Loans Legal?

Why Get a USDA Commercial Loan Rather Than an SBA Loan?

Falling Interest Rates Are Deflationary - This Affects Commercial Loans

The Age of Disappearing Income and Falling Commercial Loan Rates

Time Management for the Commercial Loan Broker

Commercial Loans, Missiles, and the Longbow

Commercial Loans, Referral Fees, and Marketing Leverage

Pictures For Your Commercial Loan Package

Commercial Loan Origination Software - No Cost If You Use C-Loans

Winds of War Part II - Missiles, Missiles Everywhere

Using Cheddar Stacks to Get Commercial Loans

Elon Musk and Space X Could Be Our Savior From World War III

Commercial Loans and Why Interest Rates Are Falling Like a Rock

Commercial Loans and the Relaxation of the Debt Yield Ratio

Commercial Loans and the Deflation Spreading Across the World

Commercial Loans and the 99-Year Lease

Gold is a Hedge Against Deflation, Not Inflation

The Winds of War - Is a War With China and Russia Brewing?

Commercial Loans and Rollover Risk

What is the Debt Yield Ratio?

How Conduit Commercial Loans Are Priced

Commercial Loans and the Danger of an Intelligence Explosion

Commercial Loans, Facebook's New Libra, and Blockchain Technology

Commercial Loans and Commodity Money

Convince a Bank to Join C-Loans and Share in Our Fee Three Times

Commercial Loans on Golf Courses

Commercial Loans on Bed and Breakfast Inns

Commercial Loans and the Leased Fee Estate

Commercial Loans and Clearing Gangsters Out of Apartments

Commercial Loans and the First Hints of a Main Street Recession

Commercial Loans and Wire Fraud

Commercial Loans and the Look-Back Yield

What's the Difference Between a Mixed-Use Property and a Mixed-Commercial Property?

Commercial Loans, Exit Fees, and the Coupon Rate

Commercial Loans and Asset-Backed Securities

Airballs, Exiting, and Some Surprising Uses of SBA Loans

Commercial Loans and the Acceleration Clause

Commercial Loans and The War of the Worlds

Commercial Loans and the Irrelevant Debt Service Coverage Ratio

Commercial Loans and a Reminder About Net Worth

Commercial Loans and the Junior Box