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The Hot New Term is Trading a Property

Posted by George Blackburne on Mon, Jun 17, 2024

During the Dot-Com craze, the hot new buzzword - the term the show-offs were using - was eyeballs.  This term referred to the number of visitors to your website.  The more eyeballs, the greater the traffic you were enjoying.

At the time, David-sized, funded out-of-pocket by the Blackburne family, was competing against fifteen new commercial mortgage portals funded by Wall Street.  The Big Boys from New York were throwing millions at the space.  

No one seemed at all about concerned about closings.  It was all about eyeballs.  Me?  C-Loans had to actually close commercial loans so we could make payroll.  That real life requirement saved my business.


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I remember thinking to myself, "These guys are idiots.  They expect borrowers to spend four to five hours filling out these copious online forms before ever getting a real-life lender to say, 'Hey, we looked at your deal.  We are genuinely interested and think the loan will fly.'"  

Hey, Dummies, borrowers and brokers need feedback and encouragement!  When you use, our online form takes just eight minutes to complete.  Within minutes, if your deal is do-able, hungry lenders will be chasing you with calls and emails. 

But if your commercial loan request is a dud, no one will call you.  You will get nothing but turndown emails.  But at least now you know.  You wasted no more than eight minutes.


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Dot-com stocks suddenly crashed.  The fifteen commercial mortgage portals competing against us suddenly had to show a profit.  Ha!  All fifteen competing portals had received at least $1 million in funding.  I doubt any of them ever closed a single deal.  

I remember thinking of that situation like it was a dark room full of giants, hacking and slashing at each other.  C-Loans was like a little person in that pitch black room, getting kneed and jostled by the giants, with no one paying any attention to us. 

Suddenly, the room was quiet.  "Hellooo?  I called out.  Anyone still alive out there?  They were all gone.  Probably $25 million in VC capital was burned up. went on to close well over 1,000 commercial real estate loans totaling over $1 billion.  We closed two large loans just this past week.


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When this next great recession hits, I will be
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Now on to trading, the new hot buzzword used by all of the Big Boys.   We traded this.  We traded that.

Surprisingly, it does not mean, in Big Boys slang, we exchanged this, or we exchanged that.  It simply means we sold this property.

Or it could mean that we financed this big property.  The aspiring Big Boys drop the term whenever they can.


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Your real estate license authorizes you to trade in real estate.

Simply put, trading in real estate is acting on behalf of a consumer or investor to buy or sell real property, which includes land and any dwellings attached to or included with the land, such as houses, apartment buildings, condominiums, commercial space and mobile homes. Trading also includes commercial leasing and commercial property management.

Trading does not include residential leasing and property management, selling time shares, businesses without land (like a mobile food truck), business equipment not including land (like hair salon furnishings), facilitating a new construction on already owned land and trailers or mini homes without land.


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