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Use the Commercial Loans Blog As a Reference Library

Posted by George Blackburne on Tue, Feb 5, 2019

LibraryThe Commercial Loans Blog now has over 300 training articles on the subject of commercial real estate finance ("CREF").  I have covered so much material in my blog that I often have trouble thinking of new topics to write about regarding the commercial loan business.  If my goal was to write down everything that I had learned in my 40 years in the commercial loan business before I died, well, I've largely succeeded.

Therefore the C-Loans Commercial Loans Blog is a pretty decent research tool.


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Let's suppose the term "cap rate" comes up during your negotiations on a commercial loan.  You kinda know what the term means, but maybe you could use a quick refresher course on cap rates.  

Assuming you like the way that I train - using everyday words, lots of examples, and lots of funny pics, you could use Google to search my vast library of blog articles.  In the Google search field, you would simply type:

"C-Loans blog cap rates"

Voila!  A half-dozen of my commercial loan training articles on the subject of cap rates will appear.


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Perhaps you are trying to place a $6 million permanent loan on an older office building in Detroit, and you are working with a conduit.  Suddenly the conduit commercial loan officer throws out a ratio that is Greek to you - the debt yield ratio.  Clearly this new debt yield ratio is different from the debt service coverage ratio.  How do you learn about this new ratio without looking like an idiot?

Simply go to Google and type in -

"C-Loans blog debt yield ratio"

By the way, what is a conduit?

"C-Loans blog conduit"


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Okay, so you're trying to place an apartment loan, and the commercial loan officer says, "Your operating expense ratio is too low."  Operating expense ratio?  What the heck is an operating expense ratio?

Simply go to Google and type in -

"C-Loans blog operating expense ratio"

And if you ever search my blog, and you do NOT find an article on your subject, please write to me at


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