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Free Underwriting Manual, Free Fee Agreement or Free Marketing Course - Pick TWO!

Posted by George Blackburne on Fri, May 25, 2018

Neon lightsYou will recall that is the big commercial mortgage portal.  Our home page can admittedly be distracting.  You came in search of a commercial loan for either yourself or your client, but there were all these flashing neon lights.  "Get your free list of 200 commercial lenders."  "How about a free commercial loan placement kit?"  "Need a commercial loan size calculator?"  "Want to learn the inside secrets to earning huge referral fees?"

Our home page reminds me of that hilarious scene from the 1998 Pixar Movie, A Bug's Life.  The hero has a buddy who is a moth.  The group of bugs is camped at night near a shack, and hanging from the shack is a bug zapper.  The hero cries out to his buddy, "Harry, don't look at the light!"  And the Harry cries out, "I can't help it.  It's so beautiful."  Zap.  Poor Harry.


Franchise financing




Tons of visitors come to, and instead of entering their commercial loan into the six step process, they fill out a freebie form to get one of our prizes instead.  Zap.  The prizes are great, and we probably met you when you filled out a freebie form to get a prize, but you probably failed to ever enter your commercial loan into the C-Loans System.

Therefore I am going to make you an offer that you cannot refuse.  The good news is that no horses were decapitated in the making of this offer:


Apply For Preferred Equity or  a Commercial Scond Mortgage




When you visited our home page, you no doubt read that has closed over 1,000 commercial real estate loans totaling over $1 billion.  C-Loans is a pretty successful commercial mortgage portal.

Unfortunately, when you filled out our little form to get your free debt yield calculator, you did NOT register on  You have therefore NOT submitted your commercial loan to our 750 hungry commercial lenders.  You have merely provided a lead to my own hard money commercial mortgage company, Blackburne & Sons Realty Capital Corporation.  A loan officer from Blackburne & Sons may call you if the loan amount is less than $2 million.


Nine-Hour Video Training Course  How to Broker Commercial Loans




You therefore need to ask yourself, "Do I actually need a commercial real estate loan?"  If the answer is yes, you really-really need to register on (Step 1 of 6) and then complete the subsequent five steps.

When you are finished, expect to enter Commercial Loan Heaven.  :-)  Our unmanageable list of 750 ravenous commercial lenders - most of them banks - will be filtered down to to the twenty or thirty banks most suitable to finance your particular deal. You put a checkmark next to the six most attractive banks and then press, "Submit."  Within minutes, hungry commercial lenders will be contacting you with offers.  Expect to be amazed.


Apply For DIP Financing




We also have a special prize for you. Two prizes, actually.  If you register on and submit a real-life deal to six of our commercial lenders, we will give you a choice of TWO of the following:

  • Commercial Mortgage Underwriting Manual (sells for $199 on our site)
  • Commercial Mortgage Marketing Course (the PDF to our $199 course)
  • Mortgage Broker Fee Agreement (our fee collection course sells for $199)
  • Regional List of 750+ Commercial Lenders (different from the 750 banks on


Apply to 218 Different SBA Lenders  Using the Same Four-Minute Application




And if you close the loan with one of our commercial lenders, we will give you your choice of the following:

  • How To Broker Commercial Loans (9-hour course sells for $549)
  • How To Find Your Own Private Mortgage Investors (4-hour video course sells for $549)

Therefore, if you actually need a commercial real estate loan, you really-really need to register on (Step 1 of 6) and then complete the subsequent five steps. Remember, Commercial Loan Heaven awaits. :-)


Apply For a Mezzanine Loan




Once you have submitted your loan to six of our commercial lenders, simply send an email to Tom Blackburne, the General Manager of C-Loans, Inc.  In the Subject line, please write, "Two Prizes".  Would you please carbon copy me, George Blackburne III?  Thanks.  In the body, obviously indicate which two wonderful prizes you desire.

Warm Regards,

Old Man George Blackburne III

Click here to register on and start the four-minute process.


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