Download Your Free Commercial Loan Placement Kit!

This Commercial Loan Placement Kit contains a free list of 200 commercial lenders, a Commercial Loan Placement Checklist, an important whitepaper on commercial loan placement, and a helpful video webinar on Understanding Structured Finance:

  • The Blackburne List  is a free list of 200 hungry commercial lenders by state, including the loan officer and all of his contact information;
  • Commercial Loan Placement Checklist- Ten techniques and approaches that will triple your chances of closing your commercial loan;
  • Commercial Loan Placement Whitepaper - "How to Place a Commercial Loan When Banks Are Too Terrified to Lend";

  • Special Bonus - Video Webinar on Structured Finance - Have you ever wondered what a mezzanine loan is?  Do you understand preferred equity and venture equity?  They are all a part of structured finance, and after watching this free webinar, they will no longer be mysterious.

This invaluable kit is yours free.