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Time to Call BS on Emperor Putin

Posted by George Blackburne on Fri, Mar 17, 2023

Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 6.31.08 AMJoke Du Jour:

Caller:  "Darling, I just called to tell you how awesome you are.  You really are the love of my life…"
Receptionist:  "Sir, I’m sorry, but this is a brewery!"
Caller:  "Oh, I know.

The Invasions of Russia:

In June of 1812, Napoleon led his Grande Armee of almost 500,000 men into Russia. Rather than give Napoleon the opportunity for a knockout punch, the Russian army wisely kept giving ground and drawing Napoleon further into Russia.  The Russians even abandoned the city of Moscow, rather than lose the Russian army.  The article continues below the funny pic below.

Disturbing News:

Microsoft, which is really pushing their new AI search engine, just laid off their entire AI ethics team.  This was the team that was devoted to imbedding into AI instructions not to kill all of mankind.  Elon Musk is far from an idiot.  He just tweeted the image below.


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The Invasions of Russia Continued:

The Russians relied on General Winter, an imaginary general of Russia wielding the power Russia's bitter winters.  General Winter froze and starved the over-extended French Army.  By September of 1812, the survivors of the Grande Armee started their long retreat back to France.  Harassed by Cossacks, without sufficiently warm uniforms, and starving, the French army died in their hundreds of thousands.  

Napoleon entered Russia with 480,000 men.  By the time the Grande Armee had retreated to the borders of Germany, the French army was down to fewer than 25,000 men.

Now let's scroll forward to June of 1941.  In Operation Barbarossa, Hitler sent 3.8 million German and allied soldiers in a surprise attack on Russia.  Fewer than 20% of those 3.8 million soldiers ever returned home.  


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Once again, the Russians relied on General Winter.  They slowly gave ground and drew the inadequately-clothed German army further into the country.  The Germans drove to within sight of the suburbs of Moscow, before the incredible cold of the country froze them in place.  The Germans couldn't even start their tanks without lighting a fire underneath them.  The temperatures reached a minus forty-nine degrees.

Suddenly, On December 5th, 1941, the Russians counterattacked.  The surprise was complete, and many German units were overrun.  The Germans eventually recovered and returned to the offensive, but long supply lines and the bitter Russian winters were simply too much.  In May of 1945, Berlin surrendered.  General Winter was 2-0.


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The Point of This Section:

In light of the brutal Russian winters, the vast distances of the Russian steppe, and the disastrous French and German invasions of Russia -


It is therefore time to call bullshit on Vladimir Putin and his alleged worry of being encircled and invaded by NATO.  This guy is simply a mass murderer bent on glory and conquest.

How does calling bullshit on Putin help?  It helps to spotlight China's increasing military assistance as pure evil.  Russia doesn't need help.  No one is invading the country, and no one is ever going to invade Russia... except possibly China.  Kinda ironic, huh?


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Final Funny:

A woman, employed as a telemarketer, was making phone calls to different households.  A little boy answered and whispered, "Hello." The woman asked if his mother was there. The little boy whispered, "Yes."  The woman asked if she could speak with her.  The little boy whispered, "No, she's busy."

The woman asked if his father was there.  The little boy whispered, "Yes." The woman asked if she could speak with him.  The little boy whispered, "No, he's busy too."  The woman asked if anyone else was there and the little boy whispered, "Yes, the fire department is here." The woman said, "May I speak with one of them?"  The little boy whispered, "No, they're all busy."

The woman asked if anyone else was there, the little boy whispered, "Yes, the police department."  The woman said, "May I speak with one of them?"  The little boy whispered, "No, they're all busy too."  The woman said, "May I ask what they're all doing?"  The little boy whispered, "They're all looking for me."


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