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Posted by George Blackburne on Wed, Aug 3, 2016

cloanlogomedium-1.gifToday I am going to remind you of a marketing principle that is applicable to many fields of business, not just to commercial real estate finance (CREF).  If you are looking for leads, advertise to the guys who are advertising.

In prior training articles about marketing for commercial loans, I have made the following points:

  1. Advertising directly to the public for commercial real estate loans does not work.  It's cheap to refinance your home, so many borrowers do it every few years.  In stark contrast, obtaining a new commercial real estate loan is very, very expensive.  There is the cost of the appraisal, the cost of the toxic report, the loan points, and the legal fees.  Commercial real estate investors therefore refinance their buildings as seldom as possible.  The net result is that the chances of your advertising postcard or snail mail newsletter arriving at the exact moment when a commercial mortgage borrower is looking for a new commercial is less than one in a one hundred thousand (1/100,000).  Be smart.  Read this last paragraph again.

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  1. The smart commercial loan marketer therefore advertises to those guys and ladies who, because of their job, are in a position to send you referrals of their turndowns.  Examples includes commercial bankers, commercial real estate brokers, property management companies, other commercial real estate lenders like conduits, credit unions, and hard money lenders; attorneys, accountants, estate planners (life insurance salesmen), residential real estate agents, etc.

  2.  But not every referral source is the same.  Some are better than others.  If your advertising costs money (as opposed to email newsletters), focus your advertising dollars on those guys who are seeing a lot of commercial loan requests.  Makes sense, huh?  As a general rule, I would say that (#1) commercial bankers and (#2) other commercial real estate lenders probably see the most commercial loan requests on a weekly basis.




Now we are getting to the point of today's training session.  The more commercial loans that a referral source has crossing his desk, the more turndowns he can refer your way.  At any given moment, who is seeing the most commercial loan requests?  The company with the most commercial loan turndowns to refer you will usually be the company paying the most for commercial loan advertising at the moment.  Therefore if you see a bank or a commercial mortgage company advertising for commercial loans, be sure to contact them and beg them for their turndowns.

In the old days such commercial loan advertising would appear as a display advertisement in the newspaper or in some glossy real estate magazine, like the National Real Estate Investor.  Modernly, you will see the most commercial loan advertising on Google.  If you do a search for "commercial real estate loans" on Google, you will see four Sponsored Ads at the top of the results page, lead off by an ad from LendingTree.  These are the guys you want to chase for their commercial mortgage turndowns.  There are also commercial real estate e-zines.  If you see an advertisement for commercial loans in one of them, be sure to hit them up for their commercial mortgage turndowns.

But how do you do it?  How do you advertise to some strange loan officer at some strange commercial lender?  (1) Call the lender, introduce yourself and your commercial mortgage brokerage company; and (2) Follow up with a snail mail letter, including two business cards, thanking him for his time and asking for his commercial loan turndowns; and (3) Every week send him a funny joke, an entertaining picture or cartoon, an interesting business article, or a cool random story, along with a hand-written note asking for his commercial loan turndowns, as well as three business cards every time.  Don't expect him to keep your business cards around for more than a couple of days.  The hope here is that he will hand your card out to declined commercial loan applicants.

Bottom line:  Advertise to the guys who are advertising.




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