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Posted by George Blackburne on Mon, Mar 30, 2015

bridgeloansI'm sure that you already know a great deal about commercial bridge loans, but I hope to add even more to that knowledge today.  If you are a commercial broker - a commercial real estate broker or salesman - today's training article will be particularly helpful.  By the way, it is the custom and practice in the industry to call commercial real estate salesmen "commercial brokers", even if these salesmen are not technically licensed as real estate brokers.

A bridge loan is a fast commercial real estate loan used to bridge a short period in time.  Years ago bridge loans were also known as swing loans, although this term has fallen out of common usage.  Typically bridge loans have a term of just 6 months or one year, but many bridge loans also provide for a 6-month or a one-year extension upon the payment of an additional 1/2 point to 2-point extension fee.




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Bridge loans are used to bridge some short period of time.  Here are some examples:

  1. Suppose a commercial property investor has listed his office building for sale, but the building hasn't sold yet.  In the meantime, the investor suddenly needs dough, perhaps to inject cash into his business.  A fast bridge loan solves his problem.

  2. One of the unfortunate features about conventional commercial real estate loans is that they have balloon payments.  A conventional commercial real estate loan is a loan that is NOT guaranteed by the Federal government (SBA loans, USDA B&I loans, and FHA/HUD apartment loans are all guaranteed by the Federal government) or that is NOT guaranteed by a government sponsored entity (GSE's include Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mac).  Since most conventional commercial real estate loans have balloon payments, what often happens right before the property is due to be refinanced?  Too often an important tenant moves out of the building!  Suddenly the property won't qualify for a bank refinance.  A bridge loan pays off the ballooning loan and gives the property owner six months to one year to find a new tenant.

  3. Suppose a commercial property is well located, but it needs to be renovated, beautified, and re-leased at a higher rental rate.  The commercial property owner doesn't want to place a new fixed-rate permanent loan on the property yet because currently the rents are low.  For example, based on current rents, the property might only carry a $900,000 new permanent loan.  However, if the owner renovates the property and makes it look more modern and pretty, he might be able to rent it out for a much higher rental rate and qualify for a $1.5 million new permanent loan.  Who remembers the definition of a permanent loan?  A permanent loan is a first mortgage loan, with a term of at least five years, and which has some amortization (usually based on a 25-year schedule).

  4. Bridge loans are often used to cover the cost of tenant improvements - those special improvements to the space required by a new tenant, like dividing walls, new paint, new carpet, bathrooms, etc.  Once again, the owner can't put a new permanent loan on the property yet because the space isn't yet occupied and because most new fixed-rate permanent loans today have a very painful prepayment penalty.



Bridge loans are designed are designed to bridge a gap in time but NOT a gap in the capital stack.  A lot of new commercial loan brokers mistakingly believe that if their client is trying to buy a commercial building for $1 million, the bank is only willing to make a $700,000 new permanent loan, and the buyer has just $150,000 (15% of the purchase price) to put down, that they need a bridge loan to bridge the $150,000 shortfall (15% of the purchase price).  No-no-no.  A bridge loan does NOT bridge a gap in the capital stack.  In most cases, only additional equity will bridge that gap.  Think of equity as the lender's protective cushion.  Someone else gets to lose a ton of dough (the entire downpayment) before the bank loses its first penny.

But this brings up an interesting question.  Is it possible to obtain a second mortgage bridge loan?  In the old days, there were lots of hard money lenders making second mortgages on commercial properties.  Most of these guys were wiped out in the commercial real estate massacre of 1986 to 1991, when commercial real estate fell by 45%.  The commercial second mortgage industry never really came back after that.  Most commercial bridge loans these days are therefore first mortgages.

Blackburne & Sons has a superb commercial bridge loan program.  We charge only one point, and our bridge loans have no prepayment penalty.  I am aware of no other private money bridge lender in the entire country who charges just one point.


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Much-Lower-Rate Commercial Loans From Blackburne & Sons

Posted by George Blackburne on Tue, Apr 22, 2014

bridge loans goldBlackburne & Sons is announcing a new commercial loan today - a bridge loan with a much lower interest rate.  To understand how earth-shattering (earth-shattering?) this is, you need to understand a little bit about economic history.

You will recall that a permanent loan is a first mortgage commercial loan with a term of at least 5 years and with at least some amortization.  Conventional commercial loans are usually amortized over 25 years, but they balloon after just five, seven, or ten years.  If the property is older than 40-years-old, many banks and other commercial lenders will amortize such permanent commercial loans over just 20 years.

Historically, Blackburne & Sons has only made permanent commercial loans.  There was an important reason for this.  We knew that a deflationary depression was coming, and we were anxious to book long-term loan servicing rights.

"Okay, George, but what's so special about loan servicing rights?  You're always harping on the fact that the real money in the commercial loan business is in loan servicing fees.  What's so special about loan servicing income?  It sounds like a lot of work to me." 

Loan servicing income is dreamy.  When Blackburne & Sons books a permanent commercial loan, we might charge the borrower 12.9%.  We then sell off this commercial loan at just 11.0% to a syndicate of private investors that we assemble.  We then keep that 1.9% spread as our loan servicing fee.

Its a lot more work for us, but we actually assemble a new syndicate of private investors for each new commercial loan that we make.  Don't worry about speed.  After 33 years in the commercial loan business, we can syndicate a new commercial loan in 24 hours without making a single outgoing phone call.  That's how ravenous our 1,500 private commercial loan investors are for our deals.


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Although we manage two large mortgage funds, but I am not a big fan of mortgage funds.  Large commercial loan mortgage funds always fail during real estate depressions.  We seem to have one of these commercial real estate depressions about once every eight to twelve years, and typically commercial real estate values fall by 45% during such depressions.

Having a diversified portfolio of commercial loans doesn't help when the value of the collateral falls by 45% as to every single loan.  It's like a life insurance company having a diversified portfolio of 2,000 different life policies, but every insured is a passenger on the Titantic.

By the way, did you know that Blackburne & Sons was the only commercial hard money lender that was actively making commercial loans every single day of the Great Recession?  Almost every other commercial hard money lender had been funding their deals using a commercial loan fund, and their funds were now facing large losses and massive redemptions.  In contrast, we were not relying a commercial loan fund.  We just kept syndicating individual commercial loans - albeit at higher rates because of the fear in the marketplace.

Okay, so the year is 2000.  I am a serious student of economic history.  I know in my gut that the mother of all deflationary real estate depressions is coming.  Therefore I refuse to make bridge loans.  Instead I make permanent commercial loans that give me long-term loan servicing rights.  By the time the Great Recession hits, we have almost $45 million in long-term commercial loans in our portfolio.  A 1.9% annual loan servicing income on $45 million produces over $70,000 per month in passive loan servicing income - money that comes in every month whether we arrange a new loan or not.

It was on this residual income that our company survived the Great Recession.  It is for this reason I think that commercial loan servicing income is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

It's time to circle the wagons and to get the point of this economic history lesson.  The Great Recession is over.  I, George "The Sky is Falling" Blackburne III, have swung from being the biggest bear in the industry to the most confident bull in the industry.  The future is wonderfully bright.  The best economic years of our careers are immediately ahead of us.

Therefore Blackburne & Sons is now happy to make bridge loans, and our low rates will rock your world.

If you have a handsome California property, we will now make the following bridge loan:

Interest Rate:  7.9% to 8.9%

Loan Fee:  Two points

Term:  One year

Prepayment Penalty:  None

We love the primary markets in Texas (Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas).  Properties in other states may be at a slightly higher rate.

You will also find us more aggressive in terms of loan-to-value.  We might consider 75% loan-to-value on a purchase money deal to a good-credit borrower if he was putting down cash-to-loan.  Bottom line:  Blackburne & Sons is hungry for bridge loans.

Got a potential deal?  Please call:

Tom Blackburne (my son)

Alicia Gandy (called the Loan Goddess because she's our biggest producer)

Desmond Stoll (called Loan Atlas because he'll move mountains for you)

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