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Posted by George Blackburne on Thu, Aug 18, 2016

Courtroom.jpgThis training article actually matters to a great many of you, whether you are arranging commercial loans or selling income property across state lines.

Now as you probably know, I am an attorney, licensed in California and Indiana.  Now let's suppose that I had a long-time Indiana law client who had a contract dispute with an Illinois company, and my client wanted me to represent him in Illinois in a suit against this Illinois company.  There is a legal procedure for me to do this called "appearing pro hoc vice."


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Pro hoc vice (pronounced pro-hock-veechey) is a Latin term that means "for this occasion" or "for this event."  It is a legal term usually referring to a practice in common law jurisdictions, whereby a lawyer who has not been admitted to practice in a certain state is allowed to participate in a particular case in that state.  Now I would be required to "associate in" an Illinois attorney to supervise me and to make sure that I complied with Illinois state law and the local rules.




I promise that the relevance of this article to you will be made clear in the next paragraph. The relevance to commercial real estate brokers selling commercial-investment property will be made clear in the paragraph after that.

Okay, now let's suppose that you have a long-time Utah loan client who wants you to arrange a commercial loan for him on a property in Arizona - a state where a commercial loan broker needs an Arizona mortgage broker's license.  Can you legally arrange this loan?  Answer:  Only if you associate in an Arizona mortgage broker (and pay him $500 or so).

Now if you are a commercial real estate broker, legally licensed in Utah, and you have a long-time Utah investor client wishing to buy a commercial-investment property in Arizona, you will need to associate in a legally licensed Arizona real estate broker.  In the parlance of commercial brokerage, you will need to have him serve as your broker of record.  But, if you do it right, I am pretty sure that you may legally help your long-time Utah client buy a commercial-investment property in Arizona.




The reason this subject came to mind today is because I received this week an interesting email from a company advertising to commercial brokers, offering to serve as their broker of record.  Now I had never heard of a broker of record service before, but when I googled, "broker of record services", I found quite a few companies offering this service.

Now this one company charged the higher of $1,500 or 3% of the total commission; e.g., 3% of 6%.  It sounded like a reasonable price to me to pay to keep your tush out of jail.

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