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Free SBA Commercial Loan Applications

Posted by George Blackburne on Thu, Apr 7, 2016

SBA.jpgC-Loans has just introduced a new program where we will give bankers, hungry to make more SBA loans, 200 free SBA commercial loan applications so that they can sample our deals.  I want to stress to bank loan officers that these leads are free.

Commercial real estate loan officers working for banks will able to search our Lender Vault for commercial loan applications - either SBA loans, conventional commercial mortgage loans, or a combination of the two - that are the pefect size for the bank.  They will be able to choose commercial loan applications that are located in the bank's preferred lending area, and they will be able to select deals secured by the right type of property.  For example, if the bank has had a bad experience with hotels, none of these 200 free SBA loan applications will be on hotels.


Free List of 3,159 Commercial Lenders  Sort By Your Own Criteria


I'm sorry guys, but this offer is made only to FDIC-insured commercial banks and NCUSIF-insured credit unions.  If you actually have a desk at the bank and you go to work there every day, please click on the red button below:


Banks and Credit Unions:  Get 200 Free SBA Loan Leads


"Gee, George, how can I get my hands on some of these SBA applications from"

Commercial mortgage companies and commercial mortgage brokers can still buy commercial loan applications from C-Loans.  Our commercial loan leads are really-really cheap up-front, typically just $1 to $9 apiece; however, if you do close the loan, you owe C-Loans a software licensing fee of 37.5 basis points (slightly more than one-third of a point).




If you do buy our leads, you will want to keep careful track of the fact that the leads came from C-Loans.  While its never fun to share your loan fee, once a mortgage broker has closed five loans for C-Loans, we will add you to C-Loans as a Proven Broker.  From then on leads will automatically arrive in your email box without the need to pay anything upfront.  If you cheat us by closing a loan without paying us (and you somehow don't get caught), you are really hurting yourself because you will never be able to earn your way onto

Earning a listing on C-Loans as a Proven Broker could easily prove to be the most significant event of your business life.  We have a number of commercial mortgage brokers who have now closed more than 40 loans for us each.  (After their first five closings, they were listed on C-Loans as Proven Brokers.)

Are these commercial loan applications any good?  C-Loans, Inc. has closed over 1,000 commercial loans totaling over $1 billion.  For more information about buying cheap commercial leads from C-Loans:


Commercial Mortgage Brokers:  Buy Cheap Commercial Leads


Please be on the look out for the business card of a banker who makes commercial real estate loans.  You can parlay the contents of that one business card for a free directory of 2,000 commercial real estate lenders.


Free Directory of 750+  Commercial Real Estate Lenders


The mean-and-potatoes of our $545 nine-hour training course in commercial mortgage brokerage is our Commercial Mortgage Underwriting Manual.  We'll give you a free copy of this manual, just for registering on C-Loans.  Registering is just a fancy name for filling out your name and contact information.


Free $199 Commercial  Underwriting Manual


Now a depressing subject.  There is no such thing as an experienced commercial mortgage loan broker who has not been repeatedly shafted out of a commercial loan brokerage commission in excess of $15,000.  Personally I got so outraged that I went to law school, became an attorney, bu then never practcied, other than to collect my own companies' loan fees.  When you have had enough of this kind of financial abuse, order my fee agreement and fee collection course.  It shows you how a layman can collect $100,000 loan fees without hiring an attorney.  This training is the most important subject that I will ever teach you.


Fee Agreement and Fee Collection Course. Just $199.


If you are not already a regular recipient of my training articles, sign up to receive free training in commercial real estate finance.


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