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Posted by George Blackburne on Mon, Apr 1, 2013

This year I finished a brand new training course for commercial loan officers and commercial mortgage brokers entitled, Marketing for Commercial Real Estate Loans.   Rather than sell this course on DVD's, we cooperated with, an online education firm, and created a course that can be viewed by our students online.  The new course came out marvelously.

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Marketing for commercial real estate loans is tricky, and it is not intuitively obvious.  For example, advertising directly to real estate investors (the actual commercial mortgage borrowers) does not work at all.  It doesn't matter whether you use Yellow Page ads, Google ads, direct mail (snail mail), postcards, or email.  Advertising directly to potential commercial mortgage borrowers is an easy way to waste tens of thousands of dollars.

So what does work?  This is what we will teach you in the course.

Students often have questions about the course, and those questions are fielded by Mick Carlson, the General Manager of  I had Mick take the course this week so he would better understand what the course entailed.  His unsolicited response and enthusiam is what prompted me to write this blog article about our new commercial mortgage marketing course.  Please read what he wrote to me this week unsolicited about the course.

"Today I was less swamped with C-Loans tasks and incoming calls/e-mails, so I decided to take full advantage of this and complete the new C-Loans marketing course.  Bravo, George!  ...  Although I've personally heard you preach most of these points multiple times in the past, this course is great.  I'm really glad I watched it..."

Here's what great about the commercial mortgage marketing techniques that I teach:  You get the leads when you need them.  Commercial borrowers often seem to all apply at the same time, like a school of fish swimming under a fisherman's boat.

The problem this creates is that there will be times when a commercial mortgage broker or a commercial lender will be very slow.  Our commercial loan marketing techniques allow you to press a button and almost immediately begin to receive deals.  No longer will you be a slave to the fickleness of commercial loan demand.  When you are slow, you will no longer have to just sit there and twiddle your thumbs.  When you're slow, you press a button and - presto, chango - you're busy with incoming commercial loan lead calls.

What is a commercial mortgage company?  It's basically a desk, a phone, a computer, the relationship with some commercial lenders, and most importantly, the incoming commercial loan lead flow. 

Our commercial mortgage marketing techniques allow you to turn that desk and phone into a practice - just like the practice of an attorney, a tax preparer, or a CPA.  It's all about customers reliably and steadily coming in the door.  Since advertising directly to commercial mortgage borrowers does not work at all - not even a tiny bit - you need to learn how to very cheaply make your phone ring off the hook with incoming commercial loan leads.  And if you receive eight to ten commercial loan leads every day, you will truly own a practice, something that is tangible and valuable.

The course contains more than fifty different marketing lessons, and it is one of my finest works.  If nothing else, for just $199 you'll save yourself from wasting over $50,000 over a 25 year career on marketing techniques that have absolutely no chance of succeeding.  Guys, I have been marketing for commercial real estate loans for 33 years.  I know what works, not because I'm brilliant, but rather because I have painfully and fruitlessly banged my head against so many walls that I finally figured out how to get through the maze.

If you follow my proven techniques, you will be able to turn on your commercial loan deal flow like turning on a spigot.  That's how I can live in the cornfields of Indiana, enjoying the good life of playing some golf and seeing every one of my children's ball games or fencing tournaments.  I'm a rainmaker.  When the Sacramento office needs deals, they call me and and say, "Make it rain, boss."  I do my little magic, turn the spigot, and soon our phones are ringing off the hook.

For a lousy $199 I can teach you to be a rainmaker.  The commercial mortgage business is actually pretty easy, as long as you know what works.  And remember what my General Manager wrote to me unsolicited last week, "Bravo, George ... this course is great."  (His enthusiam is why I decided to blog on the subject today.)  Please click the green button below if you are interested.


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