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Free Software to Make Commercial Loan Packages

Posted by George Blackburne on Mon, May 18, 2009

Make a PDF of Your Commercial Loan Package and Email It to Scores of Commercial Lenders

If you are a commercial mortgage broker, you just have to use the new PDF-creator software on C-Loans to make your commercial loan packages. It's free!

Just input your commercial loan into as usual. Go ahead and submit your commercial loan to six commercial lenders.

After you have submitted your commercial loan to six commercial lenders, an option will appear that allows you to create a PDF with just one click. After your commercial loan package has been converted to a PDF, simply save it to your desktop.

Once the commercial loan PDF is on your desktop, you can then create an email addressed to 40 or so commercial lenders and attach the PDF.

You can even attach color photo's to your commercial loan package, making it look very, very professional. And remember, both and this software are free.

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