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Posted by George Blackburne on Thu, Apr 21, 2016

Pitbull.jpgMy old friend, Leonard Rosen, is hosting another one of his enjoyable Pitbull Private Lending Conferences on June 2nd at the The M Resort in Las Vegas.  I have been to a number of these conferences, and I always get a lot out of them.

Leonard Rosen is an interesting guy.  In addition to helping mortgage brokers to become hard money lenders, Leonard is also a judo ground fighter.  He competes regularly, even though he is well over 50 years old.  His son is the apple of his eye, and the 13-year-old (?) boy is also a highly-ranked competitor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Huh.  I think I just figured out why Leonard still rolls at age 53 (?).  If he doesn't stay ahead of his talented son... Ha-ha!


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I have been telling you for years that the real money in the mortgage business is in loan servicing fees.  Mortgage company owners need that steady residual income to keep their doors open during the regular real estate crashes that seem to hit every 14 years or so.  There is no easier way to build a loan servicing portfolio than to become a private money lender.  

Blackburne & Sons, my hard money commercial mortgage company, services a $50 million portfolio at any average loan servicing fee of 2% annually.  That's $83,333 that I know I will have coming in the door every month, even if every one of my new commercial loan originations falls out.




At Leonard's Private Lending Conference, not only will you learn the fastest and cheapest way to become a hard money lender yourself, you will also make scores of great contacts.  Only the brightest and most ambitious mortgage brokers attend this conference.  Lenders troll the lobby looking to snare these new brokers to bring them deals.  Be sure to bring your latest packages.  A lot of deals get done with these hungry lenders at Pitbull Conferences.

Click here for more information.


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Leonard Rosen's National Hard Money Conference Was Worth Every Dime

Posted by George Blackburne on Sat, Mar 5, 2011

I am writing you today from my hotel room at the Mirage in Las Vegas.  Yesterday I attended Leonard Rosen's 23rd National Hard Money Conference, where I served as one of the panelists during the Round Table discussion.

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I simply loved this conference.

I have owned Blackburne & Sons, a hard money commercial lender, for more than 30 years.  I thought I knew it all.  Oops.  Not even close. 

Leonard Rosen does a pretty brilliant thing at these conferences. He doesn't pretend to know it all.  Instead, he brings in five to six experts on various topics about starting a hard money mortgage company.  Then he let's the experts do the teaching. 

For example, I was fascinated as his securities law expert, the Honorable Jonathan Hornik of LaRocca Hornik, spoke about how to form a mortgage pool.

Then Leonard's son, Matt, gave a fascinating presentation on Social Media.  I learned to stop selling on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube in favor of giving my readers helpful information.  "People only buy from people they like and they trust."

And Leonard Rosen himself is one of the warmest, most generous men I have ever met.  He has created numerous millionaires, and many of them came back to his conference to share their verbal proof stories.  Using Leonard's training, they have built thriving hard money shops, with tens of millions of dollars in loan servicing portfolios.

If you have ever debated whether to attend one of Leonard Rosen's National Hard Money Conferences ... do it!  By the way, there were attendees from as far away as Singapore and Australia.

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