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Commercial Loan Lesson:  Charm the Socks Off the Receptionist

Posted by George Blackburne on Tue, Jan 30, 2018

Receptionist-1.jpgWhether you're a borrower, commercial broker, or commercial loan broker, today's super quick lesson applies to you.

You're working with a commercial lender, who is considering your commercial loan application.  You have read my single most important blog article ever, which explains that commercial lenders make loans for their friends.  In other words, if the commercial lender likes you, he will ignore a lot of black hairs in your package.  Therefore you want to develop a friendly relationship with this commercial loan officer.


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Now think about it.  Would you want the receptionist telling your commercial loan officer, "Hey, Steve, that rude and pompous George Blackburne is only line three."  Or would you prefer her to say to Steve, "Hey, Steve, that little charmer, George Blackburne, is on line three.  Get him to tell you his little snail joke.  Ha-ha!"


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The moral of the story is pretty simple:  Charm the socks off the receptionist.

One of my mentors, the great Bill Oldenburg, taught me this lesson.  He would fuss all over the receptionist whenever he telephoned his lender, and when he would make a personal visit, he would bring her flowers.  He was a charmer, and to his credit, he sincerely meant it.  He considered these receptionists and assistants to be his friends.  Its no wonder that he syndicated some of the largest commercial construction loans of his age.


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The purple call-to-action button at the top of this page talks about my popular 9-hour commercial mortgage brokerage training course.  The course teaches a new broker everything from marketing for commercial loans, underwriting commercial loans, packaging the commercial loan, finding the right commercial lender, and lastly, fee collection.  We sell this course for $549.

But let's suppose you are a starving commercial mortgage broker.  You would love-love-love to own this course, but you don't have $549.  I will give you this 9-hour commercial mortgage brokerage training course course for free, if you will complile a list for me of ten bankers making commercial loans.  These are DVD's, so you will have to pay $30 or so for the shipping.

Please send your list to me by email.  Please insert in the subject line, "Trade for 10 Bankers."  Obviously I'll need your address and phone number.  Obviously this is George Blackburne III (the old man) at  Guys, I get 1,300 emails every single day, so it is very easy for me to miss your email.  Right after emailing me your list, please send a text to 574-360-2486, "George, I just sent you a list of 10 bankers." 


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I will please need the name of the loan officer, the bank, the address, the phone number, and his email address.  And guys, these commercial real estate loan officers must work at either a FDIC-insured bank or a NCUSIF-insured credit union.  I will not accept commercial real estate loan officers working for any other type of commercial lender.  I just want bankers.

You will probably have to call the ten closest banks to your office and ask for a commercial real estate loan officer.  Sometimes getting the banker's email address can be tricky.  They don't like giving it out.  I like to ask, "If I wanted to send you a package, to what email address would I send it?"


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You can also choose instead our 4-hour video training course, "How to Find Private Mortgage Investors."  I have been telling you guys for years, the money in the mortgage business is in loan servicing fees.  My company enjoys $87,000 per month in loan servicing fees, whether we close a new loan or not.  There has never been an easier time to start a hard money mortgage company.  If you send me 20 bankers, you can have both training programs.

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