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Posted by George Blackburne on Thu, Feb 19, 2015

BankersYou've seen my commercial real estate finance training courses, and they intrigue you.  That Commercial Mortgage Marketing course would really help right now, and my nine-hour course on How to Broker Commercial Loans would fill in a lot of holes in your knowledge of the business.  Unfortunately, you just don't have the money right now.

The good news is that you don't need money to get one of these courses.  You probably know six or seven bankers who actually want to make commercial real estate loans.  If you convince one of your bankers to sign up as a lender on, we will immediately give you a free training course of your choice and pay you $250 every time he closes a commercial real estate loan for a C-Loans user.


Free List of 3,159 Commercial Lenders  Sort By Your Own Criteria


Choose any one of the following training courses as your prize:

  1. How To Broker Commercial Mortgage Loans - 9 hour video course
  2. How To Find Your Own Private Mortgage Investors - 4 hour video
  3. Intermediate Commercial Mortgage Finance - 7 hour audio program
  4. Marketing for Commercial Loans - 90 minute online course
  5. Practice of Commercial Mortgage Brokerage - 5 hour audio course.

All you have to do is to convince some bank or credit union (their deposits must be Federally insured) to read this form:

How Bankers Can Receive Pre-Screened Commercial Loan App's

And then complete this form:

Commercial Lending Preferences

In addition to receiving the free training course, don't forget that you will also be paid $250 for every commercial loan your banker closes for C-Loans - potentially for the next 25 years. This could amount to some real money. We have one commercial lender on C-Loans who has already closed over FIFTY loans for us, and he has only been listed on C-Loans for eight years.  He probably won't retire for another 15 years.  If you had introduced us to him, you could easily have ended up earning $250 on over 125 closings. That's over $30,000 for investing just 15 minutes to convince your banker to join C-Loans.




"But, George, is it hard to convince a commercial real estate lender to join C-Loans?"

Joining C-Loans is a no-brainer.  There is no sign-up fee to join C-Loans. There is no monthly fee.  There are no contracts to sign.  If the bank never closes a single loan, joining C-Loans costs the bank nothing. If they do close a loan, however, banks and credit unions pay C-Loans a software licensing fee of just 37.5 bps. (just 25 bps. for deals of greater than $5 million). Nonprime, bridge, and hard money lenders pay 50 bps. Most bankers just build our software licensing fee right into their own loan fee (they charge 1.375 points rather than just 1), so in reality belonging to C-Loans costs the bank nothing.

And if they do join, they will only receive carefully-screened commercial mortgage leads.  The loan will be the right loan amount, in the right counties of the right states, and secured by the exact kind of property that the bank prefers. We will only send them permanent loan requests, unless they specifically request SBA loans, bridge loans, construction loans, USDA B&I loans, and/or mezzanine loans. One easy click sends the bad loans away, and if they want the deal, we provide all of the contact information they need to call or email the borrower to make the sale.

I recommend that you simply forward this blog article to your banker and let him decide.  The hungry bankers will look at our track record of 1,000 commercial real estate loan closings and decide to join.  To you bankers out there, here is some information to help you sell your boss:

  1. Your bank, like almost every other bank in America, has plenty of cash right now.  A good bank customer is no longer a large depositor.  A good bank customer is now a reliable borrower that can be trusted to borrow millions every year. is in a unique position to introduce your bank to scores of these experienced, high-net-worth borrowers every year.

  2. is a part of Blackburne & Sons, a $40 million, private money commercial lender that has been in the market to make commercial real estate loans every day of every year for 35 years.  This is the same company that I founded in June of 1980 - a company that has survived at least four bad real estate recessions.  Talk about building important relationships!

  3. C-Loans, Inc. owns  We paid more than the cost of a house for it.

  4. The owner of C-Loans, Inc. is an attorney licensed in California and Indiana.

  5. has closed over 1,000 commercial real estate loans totaling over $1 billion - and we did it without one penny of venture capital, and we did it without ever paying one cent for advertising.  Our site contains hundreds of page of good content, and the search engines love us.

  6. C-Loans, Inc. also owns,,,,,, and over 200 other CREF sites.

  7. The founder's sons have joined him in the business, so if the bank develops a relationship with C-Loans, Inc., that relationship could conceivably continue for another 40 years.

Does really work?  Oh, my goodness!  In 2006 C-Loans closed 225 commercial loans totaling over $206 million. Since inception, we have closed well over 1,000 different commercial real estate loans totaling well over $1 BILLION.  Probably only three companies - Bank of America; Wells Fargo Bank; and Holliday, Fenoglio Fowler - have closed more commercial real estate loans than C-Loans over the same period. So yeah, its fair to say that C-Loans works.




Once your banker completes his Commercial Lending Preferences, please make sure that you notify Mick Carlson, the General Manager of C-Loans, and let him know that the banker came from you. Mick's phone number is 574-855-6292. His email address is 

It is up to you, however, to make the sale. Merely sending us the banker's contact information, and then relying on us to make the sale, earns you nothing.

Important note:  You get paid when your loan officer closes a deal for C-Loans. You don't "own" the bank, but you do - as far we we are concerned - "own" the loan officer.  Keep in mind that we allow multiple loan officers from the same bank to join C-Loans. 

It's all about the loan officers. Some are stars. Some are sleepy. A borrower or broker could submit the same loan to two different loan officers at the bank. The sleepy loan officer might blow it off. The hungry loan officer may cleverly massage it and push it through his Loan Committee.  Your job, and our job, is to find those loan officers who are the stars. 

If you do know some stars, you'll want to get them added to C-Loans before some other broker introduces them to C-Loans first. If you have a good banker in mind, I recommend that you simply show him this page and encourage him to complete his Commercial Lending Preferences. Then call Mick Carlson at 574-855-6292 and choose your prize.

And please - no mortgage brokers masquerading as bankers. This offer is only for bankers and credit union loan officers - commercial loan officers working for insitutions whose deposits are Federally-insured.

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