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Posted by George Blackburne on Mon, Jul 24, 2017

Wow.pngEverybody gets some wonderful free commercial loan goodies today.  Nobody spends a penny.  The first freebie is our wonderful commercial loan calculator developed by my son, George IV.  Guys, a commercial loan calculator is NOT about computing the monthly payments on a commercial loan.  That's kid's play.  There must be 10,000 commercial loan payment calculators available on the internet.

But sizing a commercial loan is different.  The term of art, sizing a commercial loan, is the process of computing several different financial ratios and then determining the maximum loan size that a lender will permit.  The lender will almost always choose the lowest loan size produced by the debt service coverage ratio, the debt yield ratio, and, in the event of a construction loan, the loan-to-cost ratio.

Our commercial loan calculator instantly computes these ratios for you and tips you off where you are likely to have a fight with your commercial lender.  Forewarned is forearmed.


Commercial Loan Size Calculator




Sliding around in your pencil drawer is the business card of a banker who makes commercial real estate loans.  We'll trade you the contents of that one business card for a free regional copy of The Blackburne List, a list of 750 commercial real estate lenders.  Seven-hundred-and fifty for one - not a bad trade.  If you give us three bankers, you can get all three regions, 2,500 for 3.


Free Directory of 750+  Commercial Real Estate Lenders


Our main commercial mortgage portal,, is a fabulous free tool.  It takes just four minutes for an investor or a broker to enter his commercial loan request.  Then the site filters out hundreds of unsuitable commercial lenders - based on the loan amount, the loan type, the property location, the property type, etc. - and produces a list of 30 or so commercial lenders who are perfect for your particular commercial loan.

But we here at C-Loans, Inc. have a problem.  We can't get investors and brokers to register on the site.  If we could get them pre-registered on, investors and brokers could come back later and enter a new commercial loan request in moments.  Geez, guys, we're just talking about filling out your name, address, phone, and email so our lenders can contact you.  We're not asking you to clean out the Augean Stables.  Okay, then we'll BRIBE you to pre-register on


Enter a Loan Into  Get a  Free Commercial Underwriting Manual




When you come back to ("CMDC"), you are going to note some huge changes.  When your custom-created Commercial Lender List is now created, you will find it divided into three sections.  The top section contains our Recommended Lenders.  These are the commercial banks so hungry to close your commercial deal that they are willing to pay for advertising.

Next you will find the Hungry Lenders section, which are those commercial lenders who have recently taken advantage of our free listing on CMDC for direct lenders servicing (collecting montly payments, folks) on at least $20 million in commercial loans.  Lastly you will find our Other Lenders section; but the point is moot. Our Recommended Lenders and our Hungry Lenders will devour your deal long before you get to the bottom of the list.


Free List of 3,159 Commercial Lenders  Sort By Your Own Criteria


"George, I'm confused.  What's the difference between and" is a portal, where you invest four minutes in creating an online commercial loan application, something that looks good and includes some nice pics, and then shop that single mini-app to scores of different commercial lenders. is NOT a portal.  It's just a commercial lender search engine.  It just gives you the contact information of suitable commercial lenders.  You can't submit your deal online through CMDC.  


Submit Your Loan to 750 Commercial   Lenders Using  It's Free!




Want to learn commercial real estate finance (CREF) for free?  I write at least two CREF training articles every week.


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