Commercial Loan Calculator

Commercial lenders are stingy.  They never want to give you a commercial loan that is as large as the one you deserve.

If you download this wonderful, free, Commercial Loan Calculator, you merely have to plug in some numbers to magically see how large of a commercial loan that you should get.

I predict, by using this Commercial Loan Calculator, that you will be able to get a commercial loan that is 5% to 7% larger than what your commercial lender is currently offering you.  

"That's nonsense, Mr. Banker. I just did the Debt Service Coverage Ratio calculation myself, and I came up to $2.72 million, not just the $2.25 million that you are offering me."

"Wait a minute, Mr. Conduit Lender.  I did the Debt Yield Ratio calculation myself.  At a 9% debt yield, this deal qualifies for $5.15 million loan, not just the measly $4.65 million that you are offering me."

Does it all sound too complicated?  Commercial mortgage finance is NOT some magical, black art.  We have made it simple enough for laymen.

"But George, I am a busy widget manufacturer.  I don't have time for this."  Yeah you do, if you want to be able to borrow that extra $125,000 at only  5.25% interest.  Heck, show the calculator to your fifth-grade granddaughter.  She'll knock it right out.

Bottom line:  Commercial lenders are like used car salesmen.  They want to chisel you out of the full commercial loan you deserve.  Once you open this calculator, you'll see just how easy it is to squeeze an extra 5% to 7% in loan proceeds out of them.  You need that extra $500,000 in loan proceeds.

And this Commercial Loan Calculator is free!