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Iran Got Walloped.  Let's Celebrate!

Posted by George Blackburne on Mon, May 20, 2024

Iran is now out of the war.  Hooray!  Let's celebrate and have some fun.  Lots of memes today.


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World War III - The War of the Four Dictators - just lost a major combatant this month. Iran has been utterly humiliated and emasculated. Iran launched around 180 drones and 120 ballistic missiles at Israel in a massive attack designed to punish Israel for striking its embassy.  

Of the 120 ballistic missiles fired at Israel from Iran, the U.S. officials told CBS News only five got through Israeli and U.S. air defenses and hit Israeli territory. One U.S. official told CBS News that roughly half of their ballistic missiles failed on launch or crashed in flight.


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Do stock markets crash when they are
at all-time lows or at all-time highs?  Hmmm.

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The brilliant defense was not just a product of the Israel’s vaunted Iron Dome. Israeli F35i’s, their specially-modified F35’s, shot down dozens of drones and ballistic missiles while they were still hull down; i.e., below the horizon.

Israel was greatly aided by American warships, as well by missile batteries from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the United Arab Emigrates. Something like 94% of all of the 300 incoming airborne threats (including drones) were neutralized.


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Then Israel took its sweet ‘ole time in retaliating. For the first time, Israeli missiles struck targets on Iranian soil. The precedent has now been set. Iranian ground is no longer sacrosanct. If Iranian proxies attack Israel again, Israel’s retaliatory response may strike Iran proper again.  

Israel’s retaliatory attack was hilarious. Instead of attacking Iran’s precious nuclear missile factories, Israel simply struck the SAM sites guarding these facilities. These nuclear facilities are now defenseless.  It was as if Israel’s hero went over and kicked the shit out of the seven huge eunuchs guarding the Sultan’s harem… only to leave the pretty girls untouched. [Chuckle]


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Iran has been shown to be a paper tiger. The War of Four Dictators is now down to the remaining three of them.  It’s no wonder why the price of gold took a tumble (for about three weeks).


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