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Give Me an Accredited Investor - I'll Train You In Commercial Finance

Posted by George Blackburne on Tue, Jul 18, 2023

Joke Du Jour:

The tot had just been put to bed for the umpteenth time, and his mother's patience was wearing thin.  "I don't want to hear you call 'Mother' one more time!" she warned him sternly.  After a few minutes of quiet, a small voice came from upstairs, "Mrs. Jones?  Can I have a drink of water?"  


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For Once an Optimistic View of China's Upcoming Invasion:

China's economy is in the doldrums.  If it was booming, and the country was earning foreign exchange in huge buckets, they would be using their wealth to buy even more missiles, jets and ships.  

If China was collapsing, Xi would be preparing to invade Taiwan (and start WW3) in order to unite his people.  Remember, the absolute worst thing in the world would be for China's economy to collapse.  The common people would riot and demand the ouster of President Xi.  In order to unite the Chinese people, Xi would simply start a war against the the U.S., which, without missiles, we would lose.

But right now the Chinese economy is perfect.  Foreign investment collapsed from $100 billion in the same quarter of 2022 to just $20 billion this last quarter.  The Chinese have to be kicking themselves for threatening the world with war.  Foreign investment is heading for friendlier countries.


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Yes, China is making money, but nowhere like it used to make money.  It would be stupid for Xi to start a war if his cash on hand was low, as it is today.  Yes, he has a huge cash pile, but it's just not growing anymore.

Think back to the story of Goldilocks.  One porridge was too hot.  One porridge was too cold.  This bowl of Chinese porridge, however, is perfect.  Hopefully China will now just go take a nap.


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Introduce Me to An Accredited Investor and I Will Teach You the Business:

Blackburne & Sons - founded in 1980 - sells 9% to 11% first trust deed investments to accredited private investors.  We want to meet even more of these accredited investors.

If you refer us an accredited investor, someone who knows you, we will give you our famous 9-hour video training course for free.  I say "famous" because hundreds of the most successful commercial mortgage brokers in the country have taken this course.

This is a 9-hour video course that we sell separately for $549.  We spend 90 minutes on marketing for commercial loans.  We spend five hours on how to underwrite commercial loans, so you can tell a hot deal from a waste of your time.  We spend an hour on loan packaging and another hour on how to find the perfect commercial lender.  Lastly, we spend an hour on fee collection.  


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You will learn an entire profession in one long weekend.  This course is arguably more valuable than many liberal arts degrees.  (Huge understatement.)

However, guys, this accredited investor you're giving us must be legitimate.  We are going to be saying to him, "Mr. Accredited Investor, we were referred to you by Bill Broker."

If you take us up on this offer, you will be certifying that you have either seen the investor's financial statement (perhaps you did a loan for him) or you know the real estate he (she) owns and, exclusive of his very expensive home, that he has a net worth that exceeds $2 million.  Generally this means that he owns a ton of stocks, bonds, and bank accounts.

This is a helluva deal.  Here are some testimonials.  


Trade an Accredited Investor For Our  Broker Commercial Loans Video Course


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Trade an Accredited Investor For Our  Broker Commercial Loans Video Course


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