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Posted by George Blackburne on Fri, Jul 25, 2014

commercial brokersThis article will teach commercial loan brokers where to go to find lots of commercial real estate loans.  It will also teach commercial real estate brokers (sales brokers) about some great new commercial real estate finance tools - really cool stuff - that will make it easier for them for them to sell or buy commercial real estate.


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Recently I have been urging my commercial loan officers to agressively solicit commercial brokers (commercial real estate sales brokers) for commercial loans.  Commercial brokers are a great source of commercial loans.  Here's why:

Each active commercial broker probably knows at least 15 active commercial real estate investors.  When I say commercial real estate investors, I am talking about wealthy investors who own two or more commercial-investment properties.

You will recall that a commercial-investment property is a fairly standard kind of income property where the investor's profit comes from passive rental income, as opposed to operating a business.  Examples of commercial-investment propety include apartments, offfices, retail, industrial, and mobilehome parks.  Examples of business properties include restaurants, motels, bowling alleys, self storage, and assisted living facilities.

Okay, so suppose a commercial broker knows 20 investors, and each investor on average owns three commercial-investment properties.  Therefore that single commercial broker is connected to 60 commercial-investment properties.  

Now the thing about commercial properties is that every five to ten years the property has a balloon payment coming due.  Remember, the vast majority of all commercial loans have a term or either 5 years or 10 years.  Balloon payments keep commercial loan brokers in business.

Five years ago Broker Bill helped Investor John buy a rental office building.  They used a five-year commercial loan from the bank.  Now that commercial loan is ballooning, so Investor John calls Broker Bill and says, "Hey, Bill, would you please help me refinance my ballooning commercial loan?"

Now Broker Bill would prefer not to be bothered; but he wants Investor John's future business, so he says, "Sure."  Now Broker Bill is stuck.  He has volunteered to play commercial loan broker, and he's not even going to get paid for it.  Then your email arrives, offering Bill expert commercial loan brokerage assistance.  You're like the cavalry, which comes charging to the rescue in an old John Wayne western movie.  Broker Bill can turn Investor John's situation over to you and wash his hands of the affair.

Now, you commercial loan brokers, we're almost done.  Commercial brokers, your goodies are about to arrive.

Finally we come to the most important lesson of this training article.  The vast majority of all veteran commercial brokers own at least one commercial-investment property of their own!  Therefore, when you advertise to commercial brokers for commercial loans, not only do they have lots of clients who need commercial loans, but commercial brokers often need commercial loans themselves.

Okay, now here are the goodies for commercial brokers:

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This next product is way cool.  Suppose you have an investor wishing to buy a non-owner-user commercial-investment property.  He wants to put down just 25%, but the bank refuses to go any higher than 60% LTV.  The bank won't even allow the seller to carry back a second mortgage!

Blackburne & Sons is the ONLY small balance preferred equity provider in the country.  We will contribute equity dollars - not loan dollars - and increase your buyer's downpayment from just 25% to the 40% required by the bank.

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Let's suppose you have a listing on a strip center.  It's been four months, the seller needs cash, and your listing is about to expire.  He probably won't renew.  Why not get him a 6-month commercial bridge loan for just one point?  There is no prepayment penalty.  Relieved from his money pressure and grateful for your help, the investor renews your listing.

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