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Mortgage Brokers Can Buy Commercial Leads From C-Loans

Posted by George Blackburne on Wed, Dec 21, 2011

Every day our commercial mortgage portal,, generates between 50 to 100 commercial mortgage leads.  Mortgage brokers can buy most of these leads for just $1 to $3 apiece, plus a closing fee of 37.5 bps. (a little more than one-third of a point), if the deal closes.

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What do our commercial leads look like?  Please click here to view a sample lead.

commercial leadAre our leads any good?  C-Loans has closed over 1,000 different commercial real estate loans totaling over $1 billion.  This is probably more closings than most of our competitors combined.  It is interesting to note that two out of every three commercial loans closed by C-Loans in the past three years were closed by our lead buyers and commercial mortgage brokers, owners of small commercial mortgage companies just like yours, who took our deals to their own pocket commercial lenders.

Did you inquire into buying our commercial mortgage leads in the past?  Were you discouraged at your chances of qualifying to buy our leads?  In the past, C-Loans required substantial commercial loan experience and a credit score of 700 or higher in order to qualify to buy our commercial leads.  We here at C-Loans have come to realize that most mortgage brokers were chewed up financialy by the Great Recession, and their personal credit suffered greatly.

C-Loans has therefore greatly relaxed its credit, financial, and experience standards required to buy our commercial leads.  Most brokers will now qualify to buy our leads, even if their credit is significantly damaged.

Interested in more details about buying our commercial leads?  Please click below:

Commercial Mortgage Brokers:  Buy Cheap Commercial Leads

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