Trade Just One Banker For One of Four
Commercial Loan Training Courses

This is one of the best little deals that you will ever make in your life.  C-Loans, Inc. will trade you your choice of one of the following four training courses and tools in exchange for the contact information of just one commercial real estate loan officer working for a FDIC-insured bank or a NCUIF-insured credit union.

Please note that the trade is one banker for each goodie.  You can't use the same banker for all four trades.  

In addition, please don't go inserting your own name in as the banker.  A bank accepts deposits and has a big steel vault containing tens of thousands of dollars in cash in it.  A bank is called a bank; e.g., ABC Bank, XYZ Bank.  A bank is not just an office with some desks and some computers.  You may call yourself a mortgage banker, but you do not - almost certainly - work for a FDIC-insured bank.  Thank you.

Now on the the wonderful goodies.  You get to choose one training course or tool per banker that you give us.

1.  Income Property Underwriting Manual

This 30-chapter training manual is the basis of my popular, nine-hour video training course, How to Broker Commercial Loans.  You will learn a score of financial ratios and a hundred commercial real estate finance terms.  This manual will give you so much confidence! 

2.  Commercial Mortgage Marketing Course

This PDF contains about 40 lessons on how not to market for commercial loans and what actually does work to help you to turn on a flow of commercial loan leads, like turning on a spigot.

3.  Commercial Mortgage Broker Fee Agreement

This agreement will keep you from getting screwed when borrowers cancel on you, lie to you, or outright defraud you.

4.  Regional Copy of The Blackburne List

Each Regional List contains a list of 750 commercial lenders.  You can choose the East Coast, the West Coast, or the Central States.

"Gee, George, I desperately need each of these tools, but I'm a newbie.  I don't know any bankers making commercial real estate loans."

No problemo.  Click here for a quick lesson on finding bankers.  It is very easy.

Like I said, will be one of the best little deals that you will ever make.  You cannot find this particular page on, so I urge you to immediate bookmark it; otherwise, you'll never find yourself back to this page if you meet another banker next week.


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