How To Find Bankers

It's easy to find bona fide bankers to trade to C-Loans, Inc. for free fee agreements, marketing courses, and a copy of my wonderful underwriting manual.  This short article will explain exactly how to find them.

But there is an even more important reason why you want to build your own list of bankers.  The single best way to market for commercial loans is to advertise to commercial bankers.

Why?  The first place a potential commercial mortgage borrower calls is his own banker, so the typical commercial real estate loan officer, working for a bank, gets two or three such calls per day.  He turns down 80% of these commercial loan requests.  There is no reason why he can't refer them to you.

Okay, so how do you find these these bankers?  I recommend that you start with those banks that are located close to your office.  These banks are very easy to find.  Simply go to Google Maps and type in the address of your office.  Then click the "Nearby" icon and type in, "Banks."  Every bank within 50 miles of your office will pop up.

Then call the bank and ask to speak with a commercial real estate loan officer.  The typical bank has a single commercial real estate loan officer covering five or six branches, so he will likely work out of a different branch.  Then work with the loan officer or receptionist to obtain his phone number (try to get both work and mobile), address, and email address.

The email address is critical, and sometimes bankers are a little freaky-deaky about giving it out.  They are worried about being spammed.  The best way to ask for a banker's email address is to ask, "If I wanted to send you a commercial loan summary, to which email address should I send it?"

Make sure that you get at least four different bankers, so you can trade for (1) our free Commercial Mortgage Marketing Course; (2) my famous fee agreement; (3) our wonderful Income Property Underwriting Manual; and (4) a Regional Copy of The Blackburne List, a list of 750 commercial lenders.  It goes without saying that you must not try to use the same banker to get all four freebies.

Now if you find that you are good at speaking with bankers, you should round up an additional twenty bankers (24 in total).  The reason why - we do not advertise this offer - is that you can trade a list of 20 bankers for a free copy of our famous training course, How to Broker Commercial Loans ($549).  While the course is free, you must still pay for the shipping ($20?).

To get a free copy of our nine-hour video training program, you must send me, George Blackburne III, the old man, an email with the Subject line, "Trade for 20 Bankers."  Because I get 1,350 emails per day, please sure to send me a text to 574-360-2486 that says, "I just sent you a list of 20 bankers."  Because we do NOT advertise this offer, it is critical that you right now bookmark this page.

When you have assembled a list of 24 bankers, I recommend that you send them by snail mail a funny joke or funny pic (just steal mine), along with a note, "I would sure appreciate some commercial mortgage referrals."  Be sure to enclose three business cards whenever you send out a snail mail piece.  Hopefully these bankers will pass out your cards to their turndowns.  It goes without saying that you business cards have the words, "Commercial Loans" prominently displayed.

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