Get a Free Commercial Mortgage Marketing Course

Elsewhere on C-Loans we sell our Commercial Mortgage Marketing Course for $199.  

If you heed the lessons of this wonderful course, you will save yourself thousands and thousands of dollars in wasted marketing efforts.  Hint:  Display ads and direct mail to potential borrowers do not work!  At all.  Zip-zero-zilch returns.  In this course I share what actually does work.

The PowerPoint presentation that accompanies this course contains the essence of the course, and it is a superb piece of work.  

You can trade you one banker for this wonderful commercial mortgage marketing presentation.

This bank loan officer that you will tell us about must (1) work for a bank with FDIC insurance or a credit union; (2) we please do NOT want to be introduced to other commercial lenders, like hard money lenders or other non-bank commercial lenders; (3) this lender must be actively making commercial real estate loans right now; (4) we will please need his correct email address, snail mail address, and phone number; and (5) you must not enter your own name as the banker.

You don't have to give us your best banker.  Your fifth-best banker, lending only in the three counties surrounding the eighth largest city in Oklahoma, will do just fine.

I encourage you to actually find four commercial real estate loans officers working for banks.  Here is how you can find a banker making commercial loans in about seven minutes.

Then you can get a free commercial mortgage marketing course, a free list of 750 bankers, a free mortgage broker fee agreement, and a free Income Property Underwriting Manual.  

Obviously you need a new banker for each freebie.

Are you smarter than the average commercial mortgage broker?  Rather than just finding me four bankers, you'll find me 20 bankers.  I will trade you a free copy of my famous 9-hour course, How to Broker Commercial Loans.  Just send me, George Blackburne III (the old man), an email with the subject line, "Trade For 20 Bankers."  I get 1,350+ emails per day, so it will be easy for me to miss your trade.  After sending your email, please text me at 574-360-2486, "Just sent you 20 bankers."