Get a Free Commercial Mortgage Underwriting Manual

My name is George Blackburne, III; and I am the old man who owns and operates Blackburne & Sons Realty Capital Corporation and C-Loans, Inc., which sponsors and

Separately on I sell for $199 an absolutely fabulous training manual on commercial mortgage underwriting entitled, Income Property Underwriting Manual.

You will learn such things as debt service coverage ratios, operating expense ratios, on-site and off-site management factors, reserves for replacement, capitalization rates (cap rates), vacancy factors, collection loss reserves and loan constants. You will learn about forward takeout commitments, standby commitments and bow-ties. You will learn how to underwrite construction loans, including the difference between loan-to-value ratios and loan-to-cost ratios, developer's profit analysis, contingency reserves, interest reserves, and general contractor's overhead and profit factors. You'll learn the difference between gross leases and full service leases and industrial gross leases and net leases and net-net leases and triple-net leases. You'll learn the difference between scheduled rents and effective rents. And exactly how do you prepare a pro forma operating statement when the building is 27% vacant? Inside you'll learn.

We'll trade you a copy of this fabulous training manual for the contact information of just one commercial real estate loan officer working for a bank or a credit union.

To get a copy of this training manual, you don't have to give us your best banker!  Your fifth-best banker, lending only in the three counties surrounding the eighth largest city in Oklahoma, will do just fine.

This bank loan officer that you will tell us about must (1) work for a bank with FDIC insurance or a credit union; (2) we please do NOT want to be introduced to other commercial lenders, like hard money lenders or other non-bank commercial lenders; (3) this lender must be actively making commercial real estate loans right now; (4) we will please need his email address; and (5) he can't be yourself.  

If you find yourself inserting your own name as the banker, you are being dishonorable.  There is no need.  Here is how you can find a banker making commercial loans in about seven minutes.

I urge you to go out and find four commercial real estate loan officers working for banks.  You can then trade them to get a free commercial mortgage marketing course, a free list of 750 bankers, a free mortgage broker fee agreement, and a free Income Property Underwriting Manual.  

Of course you will need a new banker for each freebie.