Get a Free Directory of 750+ Commercial Real Estate Lenders

Elsewhere on C-Loans we sell The Blackburne List of 2,500 Commercial Real Estate Lenders.  You can buy the complete and freshly updated Blackburne List instantly for just $79.95; but why spend money?  Let's talk about how you can get one-third of this wonderful directory for free.

If you introduce us to just one commercial real estate loan officer who works at a bank, we'll let you download for free one of our three Regional Lists containing more than 750 commercial lenders.

  • This handy list is organized by state.
  • These are direct lenders. The lenders are mostly banks, but the list also contains life companies, conduits, Wall Street nonprime lenders, and hard money lenders.  
  • You can now deal directly with these commercial lenders with no one else's hand in the pie.
  • Trade just one commercial banker for over 750 lenders.
  • You get the loan officer's name, the bank's name, the address, the phone number, the state where that bank makes commercial real estate loans, and often the email address of the loan officer.

You don't have to give us your best banker!  Your fifth-best banker, lending only in the three counties surrounding the eighth largest city in Oklahoma, will do just fine.  Don't worry about this banker getting swamped by calls from brokers nationwide.  Only one out of every twenty bankers that we solicit to join C-Loans ever signs up with us, and the nurturing process often takes over two years.  Bankers are scarety-cats.

Our biggest motivation for meeting these new bankers is to solicit them for their turndowns. "I'm sorry, Mr. Borrower, but your commercial loan is too small - too large - too far away for our bank.  Have you tried submitting your commercial loan through"

This bank loan officer that you will tell us about must (1) work for a bank with FDIC insurance or a credit union; (2) we please do NOT want to be introduced to other commercial lenders, like hard money lenders or other non-bank commercial lenders; (3) this lender must be actively making commercial real estate loans right now; (4) we will please need his email address; and (5) he must be real.  Please don't cheat; i.e., please make SURE he works for a FDIC-insured commercial bank or a credit union and that you have his correct email address.

Remember, if you can't find the dusty, dog-eared business card of a banker somewhere in your pencil drawer, you can always buy The Blackburne List of 2,500 Commercial Real Estate Lenders instantly for just $79.95.