Get a Free Commercial Mortgage Marketing Course

Elsewhere on C-Loans we sell our Commercial Mortgage Marketing Course for $199.  If you heed the lessons of this course, you will save yourself thousands and thousands of dollars in wasted marketing efforts.  Hint:  Display ads and direct mail to potential borrowers do not work!  At all.  Zip-zero-zilch returns.  In this course I share what actually does work.

The PowerPoint presentation that accompanies this course contains the essence of the course, and it is a superb piece of work.  We'll trade you a copy of this wonderful PowerPoint presentation for the contact information of just one commercial real estate loan officer working for a bank or a credit union.  

You don't have to give us your best banker!  Your fifth-best banker, lending only in the three counties surrounding the eighth largest city in Oklahoma, will do just fine.  Don't worry about this banker getting swamped by calls from brokers nationwide.  Only one out of every twenty bankers that we solicit to join C-Loans ever signs up with us, and the nurturing process often takes over two years.  Bankers are scarety-cats.

Our biggest motivation for meeting these new bankers is to solicit them for their turndowns. "I'm sorry, Mr. Borrower, but your commercial loan is too small - too large - too far away for our bank.  Have you tried submitting your commercial loan through"

This bank loan officer that you will tell us about must (1) work for a bank with FDIC insurance or a credit union; (2) we please do NOT want to be introduced to other commercial lenders, like hard money lenders or other non-bank commercial lenders; (3) this lender must be actively making commercial real estate loans right now; (4) we will please need his email address; and (5) he must be real.  Please don't cheat; i.e., please make SURE he works for a FDIC-insured commercial bank or a credit union and that you have his correct email address.

"But George, I don't know any bankers who make commercial real estate loans."  Then its about flippin' time for you to start building your own, personal network of hungry bankers!  Geesch.

Just call the bank located closest to your office.  Ask for a commercial real estate loan officer.  When he or she is on the phone, ask the loan officer if he makes commercial real estate loans.  If so, what is his lending territory and what are his minimum and maximum loans.  Before you end the call, be sure to get his address and email address.  Volila!  You now have your first banker.  It's that easy.

Remember, if you can't find the dusty, dog-eared business card of a banker somewhere in your pencil drawer, you can always buy our wonderful Commercial Mortgage Marketing Course for just $199.