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Thank you for entering your commercial loan into  By downloading these two free gifts, you are representing that you have not just filled out a lead form to get some freebie, like a free commercial loan placement kit.

Instead, by downloading these two free gifts, you are representing that you entered a bona fide commercial loan into the six-step C-Loans System, that you put a checkmark next to six lenders, and then pressed submit.  

If so, thank you very much.  Because you have now registered, entering your next commercial loan should be much easier and faster.  

And remember, every time you enter a different loan into, you will get a different set of lenders.  Some bankers will be lazy bums (you can tell this from their low Lender Scores), while others will be ravenous and very forgiving of the black hairs on your deal.

The secret to C-Loans, where we really add some value, is that you can create one single loan application and then submit it 60 different commercial lenders, six lenders at a time, with just a matter of some clicks.  

Commercial lenders are impossibly fickle, and their appetite for new commercial loans changes every two weeks or so.  Being able to display your commercial loan to LOTS of different lenders greatly increases your chances for finding a commercial lender hungry enough to fund your commercial loan today.

Okay, here are your two free gifts.  We operate this page based on the Honor System.  You are allowed to pick two out the following four gifts:


  1. Income Property Underwriting Manual.  Underwriting Manual Supplement.  Both manuals together count as just one gift.

  2. Commercial Mortgage Marketing Course (Power Point)

  3. Blackburne List of Commercial Lenders (Regional Copy Containing 750).  Please choose ONE of the following:  Eastern States, Central States, or Western States.  Once again you are on your honor to choose just one.

  4. Mortgage Broker Free Agreement 


Thanks again for using  We genuinely appreciate your business.

Warm Regards,

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