Preferred Equity is That Extra Bit of Capital You Need to Actually Close Commercial Loans and Purchases

Preferred equity is like Superman.  It swoops in and saves the day.  The problem is that most people don't understand how preferred equity works.  Getting preferred equity is actually quick and easy, much like getting a hard money loan.

Preferred equity can rescue your commercial real estate deal in many ways.

  • Preferred Equity Can Save Your Purchases.  Are you trying to buy commercial investment real estate with just a 25% down payment?  Good luck.   The bank may ask you to put 40% down.  We'll make up the difference;
  • Got a Balloon Payment That is Too Large to Refinance?  The balloon payment on your office building is $2 million, but the bank will only refinance $1.6 million.  Preferred equity may be able to close the gap;
  • Need to Buy Out an Impossible Partner?  Preferred equity may be able to provide the cash you need.

We've written a short, but wonderful, whitepaper on preferred equity that even a layman can understand.  Once you understand preferred equity, you will wonder how you ever closed a commercial loan or purchase without it.  To download this free whitepaper, please complete the short information form to the right.