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You are about to receive our free list of 200 commercial lenders; but why do you need so many?

When it comes to making commercial real estate loans, banks can be extremely fickle, even at the best of times.  You must never rely on just one bank for a commercial loan because commercial real estate loans are the first to get cut off when banks get nervous.

There are times - especially if the stock market is swooning - when you may have to submit your commercial loan to 20 commercial lenders before finally finding the right commercial lender.  One mortgage broker shared with me that he had to apply to over a hundred different banks during the Great Recession to finally close his commercial loan.

This big list of commercial lenders solves your problem.

  • The Blackburne List contains a list of 200 hungry commercial mortgage lenders.

  • It includes the name of the loan officer, his address, his phone, and his email address for each lender.

  • This list is free! is powered by, with over $1 billion in commercial mortgage loan closings.