Free Commercial Loan
Marketing Course

On, we sell a 70-page commercial mortgage marketing course for commercial mortgage brokers and commercial bankers who want to close more SBA loans and/or commercial mortgages.  We sell it online for $199, but today we are going to give you this wonderful course for free.

All we ask for in return is the contents of one of your banker buddy's business cards.  We're looking for commercial loan officers who work for banks and credit unions; but not conduits or other kinds of commercial mortgage companies.  Banks and credit unions make the kind of small balance commercial loans that we see the most often on C-Loans.

We solicit these bankers for their turndowns.  "I'm sorry, Mr. Jones, but unfortunately your deal is not a fit for our bank; but have you ever tried  Seven hundred and fifty banks and commercial lenders accept commercial loan applications through this portal.  If you can't get a commercial loan from one of the lenders on, you probably won't qualify anywhere."