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Elsewhere on we sell our popular 9-hour video training course, How To Broker Commercial Loans.  The course retails for $549.

The course teaches you everything from marketing for commercial loans, underwriting commercial loans, packaging the commercial loan, finding the right commercial lender, and lastly, fee collection. 

But let's suppose you are a starving commercial mortgage broker. You would love-love-love to own this course, but you don't have $549. I will give you this 9-hour commercial mortgage brokerage training course course for free, if you will compile a list for me of twenty bankers making commercial loans.

This wonderful course is now online, so you don't even have to pay $30 for shipping anymore.

I will please need the name of the loan officer, the bank, the address, the phone number, and his email address. And guys, these commercial real estate loan officers must work at either a FDIC-insured bank or a NCUSIF-insured credit union. I will not accept commercial real estate loan officers working for any other type of commercial lender. I just want bankers.

You will probably want to call the twenty closest banks to your office and ask for a commercial real estate loan officer. Sometimes getting the banker's email address can be tricky. They don't like giving it out. I like to ask, "If I wanted to send you a package, to what email address would I send it?"

Please make sure that your list does not contain more than two bankers from a single bank.  You are also reminded that these bankers must specifically be commercial real estate loan officers.  Other bank employees are of negative value to us.  Usually there will be only one commercial commercial real estate loan officer handling the business generated by six or seven branches, and the ONLY way to identify him is to pick up the phone and call the bank.  

Don't forget the snail mail address too.  The last few guys who traded with us had to go back and get the street or mailing address.

Please send your list to me by email,  Please insert in the subject line, "Trade for 20 Bankers." Don't forget your own own address and phone number.  Obviously this is George Blackburne III (the old man).  Guys, I get 1,300 emails every single day, so it will be very easy for me to miss your email. Right after emailing me your list, please send me a text to 574-360-2486, "George, I just sent you a list of 20 bankers."