We Have Just Re-Opened the
Commercial Leads Purchase Window

There are two different ways to purchase commercial real estate loan leads from C-Loans, Inc.  One way is to buy an annual listing on CommercialMortgage.com.

The second way is to buy commercial real estate loan leads directly from our C-Loans.com Lender Vault.  You will pay a tiny, up-front fee, $1 to $9 each, for the lead; but if you close the loan, you will also owe C-Loans a closing fee of 37.5 basis points (3/8th's of a point).

A listing on CommercialMortgage.com costs $1,000 per year.  You can expect to receive two to four commercial leads per week.  This may not sound like much, but you get these two to four commercial leads every week for a FULL YEAR.  By the end of the year, that's a ton of leads.  Assuming 3 leads per week, that works out to less than $6.50 per lead.

And guys, generating commercial loan leads is incredibly expensive.  Just wait until you try to do the advertising on your own.  The cost to generate a single commercial real estate loan lead is on the order of $50 apiece.  If you try to advertise for commercial loan leads on your own, you are also likely to receive for your $50 a ton of goofy leads - like a $42,000 commercial loan request on tiny office building in Detroit or a $2 million mezzanine loan request on a parking garage in Maine.

In contrast, the leads from CommercialMortgage.com are carefully-filtered.  They will be exactly what you are seeking, say, a $3 million permanent loan request on a strip center in New Jersey.

When you close a deal from CommercialMortgage.com, you do NOT owe C-Loans, Inc. a dime.  There is no closing fee.

Please click here to buy an annual listing on CommercialMortgage.com.

In order to buy commercial loan leads from our Lender Vault for just $1 to $9 apiece up-front, you will need at least $500.  That is our minimum order to establish an account.  This $500 is NOT a charge.  It is a credit to your account, upon which can draw to buy leads.  When you have spent all of your credit, you can make additional deposits of at least $250 to recharge your account.

Click here to establish an account to buy commercial leads.

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