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Have you ever tried to advertise for commercial loan leads?  It is phenomenally expensive.  Even today, after 40 years in the commercial loan business and even though we sell online courses on commercial mortgage marketing, it still costs us at least $50 to generate a single commercial loan lead.  Now imagine being able to buy our commercial loan leads for an average of just $3 apiece.  

If you get approved to buy our leads, from a business perspective, your life will be set.  

Verbal Proof Story:  

Les Agisim, of Trevor Cole Commercial in New York, receives our commercial loan leads.  He recently closed his 55th commercial loan for C-Loans!  God bless you, Les.

Les has earned over a half million in loan fees closing commercial loans for C-Loans.  (It may actually be over $1 million.)  You can verify this by emailing him at or calling him at (212) 371-3933.

You can see why getting approved by C-Loans to buy our commercial loan leads is sooo important to you.

Obviously, we here at C-Loans don't make any money spending $50 to generate a single commercial loan lead and then selling the lead for $3 apiece to a maximum of six brokers.   Fifty dollars to make $18.  Hmmm.  Something is wrong here.  

Where we our dough is when you - an approved lead buyer - close a commercial loan.  In addition to the token fee up-front, you will owe a closing fee of 37.5 bps.  We only charge a token fee of $1 to $9 up-front so that our lead buyers won't waste leads.


You buy a $2 million commercial loan lead from C-Loans for $3.  You charge the borrower a point and earn a gross loan fee of $20,000.  Out of that amount you will owe C-Loans a closing fee of $7,500.

C-Loans is Therefore Extending Credit:

Suppose a low-life bought our lead and closed it.  Instead of sending us our $7,500 closing fee, he just kept quiet.  In the past, this happened to us a lot.  Sadly, the character of the typical American is not what it used to be.

In response, we now only sell our dirt-cheap commercial loan leads to mortgage brokers of good character.  Your credit does not have to be perfect, but if there are judgements against you...

To Get Approved to Buy Our Dirt-Cheap Commercial Leads:

Please send me the following:

  1. Completed and signed financial statement or 1003 loan application.

  2. Personal credit report.  You are entitled to one per year for free.

  3. Letter explaining your commercial loan origination experience (CV).

  4. Check for $250 made payable to C-Loans, Inc.  If you are turned down, this will be promptly refunded to you.  If you are approved, 100% of your money will be used to credit your lead purchasing account.

Freaked Out About Providing Your Personal information?

Don't let your ego get in the way of making a TON of money.  

Blackburne & Sons, our flagship company, is a $50 million company and has been in business for 39 years.  The average daily balance in our loan servicing trust account is on the order of $400,000.  This isn't our own money, but rather money entrusted to us by our 1,000 or so wealthy private investors.  Sometimes, after a loan payoff, there could be millions of dollars in this account.

My point is that no one is out to steal your personal information so we can run right out and charge a new laptop computer to your account.  We are truly extending credit to you.  One broker once owed us $85,000.  We are not going to extend credit like that to a used car salesman with judgements all over town.

Some Housekeeping Matters:

  • You can search our Lender Vault for perfect leads.  Suppose you meet a Michigan bank that is hungry to make construction loans.  You can instantly search the Lender Vault for commercial construction loans in Michigan.

  • Our supply of leads is reasonably large and reliable, but it is not unlimited.  C-Loans, Inc. typically receives between three and twelve leads per day, depending on the season and the economic confidence of borrowers.

  • Unfortunately there are no refunds on leads.  Some will be worthless.  Others will be worth thousands of dollars.  It's the nature of the beast.

  • We do not sell permanent loan leads and bridge loan leads of less than $1 million.
     These are reserved for our hard money shop, Blackburne & Sons.  Larger permanent and bridge loan leads are readily available.

  • Since Blackburne & Sons does not make SBA loans, USDA loans, or construction loans, you can buy these leads as small as $50,000.

Final Thought:

A great many mortgage brokers are lazy.  They are quitters.  Three months from now they will be driving for Uber.  These losers will think to themselves, "Geez, completing a 1003 loan application on myself is a lot of flipping work."

Isn't this wonderful?!  This means that they won't be competing against you to buy the best commercial leads.  If you have the moxey to complete your application to buy leads and to get approved, it may prove to be one of the most important financial events of your life.

Did you know that after you have closed five commercial loans for C-Loans that we will add you to as a Proven Broker?  This is how Trevor Cole Commercial got added to C-Loans.  The rest is history.

This means that you will never again have to pay for leads.  The leads will automatically arrive in your email box every day with no up-front cost.  Talk about hitting a home run in the World Series...  :-)

Warm Regards,

Tom Blackburne
General Manager
4811 Chippendale Drive, Suite 101
Sacramento, CA 95841
574-210-6686  Best
916-338-3232  Office


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